Flying Hoverboard‚ True Or Not?

If you haven’t heard of a Segway Hoverboard yet‚ this might come out as a total shock to you‚ but latest Technology has led to the invention of such Hoverboard, that flies. Yes, I know it sounds a bit difficult to believe‚ but such Hoverboard has been made which flies in the thin air.

A French inventor Franky Zapata has created a Hoverboard‚ which is far better than the one’s that are seen in Back To The Future Movie‚ which was one of the initial ideas behind the concept of Hoverboards.

A video that was released few weeks back‚ shows Jet Ski champion Franky Zapata‚ flying high in the Sky on a jet-powered Hoverboard. After watching this video‚ the Online Community divided into two groups. One that believed it was real and was amazed and shocked at how amazing this invention was‚ whereas the other group believed it to be fake and not real at all.


To make people believe he really invented such device‚ Franky Zapata travelled to the South Of France to settle the debate and also showed how his Jet powered Flying Hoverboard works. The Flying Hoverboard fled at a distance of more than 280 metres above the ground. Also‚ he set the record of covering 2 km in 7 minutes and put the spectators in awe.

According to Zapata, he owes his inspiration to Back To The Future movie‚ which he has seen for more than 100 times maybe. Zapata claims that his Flying Hoverboard can travel 10‚000 feet high in the air and can travel at a speed of 90 mph. He demonstrated that the Flying Hoverboard accelerates at a speed of 40 mph for at least 1.4 miles. Zapata throttles the four jet engines with a remote control and operates it like a Segway Hoverboard runs‚ i.e. by shifting the weight.

These segway without handles can be used as something more than a Joyride and something fun. Zapata said, that he had already been contacted by the militaries. However‚ he will first help the French military for search‚ rescue and security against terrorism and then‚ he will help other militaries. Zapata suggested that soldiers can ride these Flying Hoverboards and can reach tight places where a Helicopter can’t. Search and rescue teams can rescue from places where reaching by Helicopter is impossible.

Zapata said Flying Hoverboard is just like flying in the air. The Hoverboard has shoulder apart platforms to place your feet. Zapata revealed that the 20 Kg weight of the Hoverboard is made of carbon fibres‚ with four specially designed 250 horsepower jet engines. The Flying Hoverboard runs by jet A-1 kerosene fuel‚ which is fed through a backpack and the fuel is consumed by the hoverboard relatively quicker.

According to Zapata, he has travelled by the Flying Hoverboard in total for approximately 2 hours by now. On a single go, you can fly the hoverboard for 4-10 minutes. This doesn’t sound much‚ but Zapata says it’s enough. According to him, the range you cover or how high you can travel depends on how much kerosene you can carry.

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