Flip That Ad or Flop That Banner – Either Way, You Get Paid!

A new cloud-powered software app & marketplace called BannerBIt is at the epicenter of the hottest new trend in internet commerce – digital real-estate flipping.

America (along with the rest of the world) can’t seem to get enough of house flipping.

We’ve all seen at least one episode of intensely popular real estate investment and remodeling shows like “Flip or Flop” or “Fixer Upper” or even “Property Brothers”.

While its no secret the human drama is what keeps folks coming back for more, everyone’s favorite part of the show is undoubtedly the PROFIT.

Thanks to shows like these, making money from buying, holding and selling a property has now deeply embedded itself in the public’s mind.

But most people don’t have the money, experience or resources to invest in physical real estate.

It can take tens, even hundreds of thousands in available cash to flip a house. It means having contractors, designers, and all kinds of problem-solving resources handy to fix all the small disasters hiding in the properties you’re flipping.

That’s why …

Ad Flipping with BannerBit is taking off like a rocket!

You don’t have to start out rich, or borrow money from someone rich, to get rich flipping ads with BannerBit – we’ve completely leveled the playing field because it’s 100% digital!

Members get started with BannerBit absolutely free and activating your account for live trading requires only a minimum deposit of $250.

BannerBIt members can search, preview, buy, hold and sell online advertising placements using their secure cloud-based software and integrated marketplace.

Buying an ad takes only a few mouse clicks. Once acquired, your ad run on publisher sites serving many thousands of visitors daily and you earn revenue with every click on your ads.

When you decide to sell an ad, you simply list it in the marketplace. Your ad is bid on by other BannerBit members across the globe who can quickly bid up the sale price two, even three times your initial purchase price.

BannerBit even has a way to acquire and “short-sell” ads you believe are likely to decrease in value – and earn staggering profits when you’re right.

BannerBit’s software is simple, easy to use and since it’s cloud-based, compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) with nothing to download or install.

Visit BannerBit today at www.bannerbit.com for free, secure and instant access to the system at no cost and with no obligation.

BannerBit – Your Online Ad-Flipping Marketplace

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