The flexopipe is a new and environmentally friendly transport system solving many errors related to the conventional conveyor system. It is an enclosed curve going material handling system for all kinds of bulk materials, designed for conveying pebble and loose materials. Flexopipe works on the principle of the closing of upper and lower parts of the belt in a pipe shape and protects transported material against environmental condition such as wind, sun, humidity, rain, snow, air, etc. Also, it removes a usual problem of regular belt conveyor, i.e. dirtying of the surface below the whole dimension by dust crumbling from the lower face of the conveyor belt.


Due to its circular shape, the flexopipe (pipe belt conveyor) is able to manage vertical and horizontal curves as well as high inclinations. The enclosed transportation system not only protects the conveyed material against external influences, but it also avoids material loss and spillage thereby protecting the environment.

Flexopipe also satisfies specific demands like multiple material transport in the upper and lower strand and downhill transport with power regeneration. It serves the power plants and cement, port handling concepts, chemical, steel and mining industries.

Flexopipe offers conveying solutions for the future for all sorts of bulk goods or materials, from phosphate granulates to wood chips or cement to coal. With their unique design, they guarantee high availability, low investment costs as well as protection for both environment and material.

Kešner flexopipe (pipe belt conveyor) incorporates extensive know-how for dealing with the most varied types of materials. Furthermore, specially developed design elements which are inspected and optimized in actual operation make a big difference.


  • Protection of the material conveyed against environmental conditions such as air, rain, and snow.
  • Protection of the environment and people since hazardous, contaminated, strong-smelling or dusty materials (refuse, overburden, chemicals, ash, etc.) cannot escape.


  • Pipe diameters between 120 and 500mm
  • The temperature of the conveying material is up to 150 °C.
  • Minimum 300 x diameter for fabric belts
  • Minimum 600 x diameter for steel wire belts
  • Q/m3/h at conveying speed of 1 m/s
  • Conveying rate ranges from 35 to 460mm


  • Adaptation ability to topographic requirements
  • Small space requirements
  • Low investment costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High operational safety
  • It protects conveyed material against external influences
  • Protection of the environment against escaping material by dust-free transport
  • Potential for compact curve radii
  • Realization of steep inclination
  • Possibility of downhill transportation

Kešner a. s. company offer extensive ranges of flexopipe (pipe belt conveyor) which are designed using best grade quality material are employed in several industries. These are found in different sizes, length, and other specifications to satisfy the actual requirements of our valued customers. These are renowned for their superior and reliable performance even under harsh working conditions. These are obtainable at market leading prices.

For more information about, or to buy enclosed flexopipe (pipe belt conveyor), conveyor systems, or other conveyor related parts, please visit Kešner a. s. company.

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