Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0x80040005

This article introduces solutions to fix error code 0x80040005 that happens to Microsoft Office. If you are experiencing same problem, please follow steps in the article to fix it. There is more than one solution here due to causes of this error vary from person to person. Therefore, please check to see whether the error is fixed before try next solution. These solutions have been proved effective by many users, and you can follow one or two to resolve 0x80040005.

Error Code 0x80040005

Problem description

It’s never interesting to get error code 0x80040005 together with an error message “Something went wrong” when you are trying to install MS Office 2013 or Office 365 on your PC. It seems not easy to fix the issue by simply restarting computer or trying another installer.

The other case of the error is that you do not have a profile but still attempt to log on and launch Office application for the first time and you will be prompted by the Office 365 activation screen. When you complete the activation and check the account tab in Word, then close Office and open another Office application. Then you suddenly get a prompt box with the error “Sorry, we cannot verify the license currently installer for this product. To continue using this product, please sign in with your Office 365 account. Error code: 0x80040005”.


It’s known to all MS Office is important software to most of users, and it’s necessary to fix the error as soon as possible and make Office work again. To help deal with the issue, please scroll the following part.

Method 1: Repair MS Office

Step 1: Click Start button and select Control Panel. Click “Uninstall a program” under Programs

Step 2: Click Office product from the list of software installed on your computer, and click Change. Please note that if you have purchased the suit of Microsoft Office 365 or Student 2013, you should look for the name suit; if you just bought an individual Office program, e.g. Excel, then search for the application name only instead of the suit name.

Step 3: Click Repair Online and Repair button. Restart computer after the repair process is done.

If you issue can be fixed after carrying out these steps, there is no need to proceed with other methods.

Method 2: Turn off firewall temporarily

Error code 0x8004005 can occur if Office installation or activation is conflict with your firewall or anti-virus software. Thus, turning off firewall on your PC temporarily, then install and activate Office, after which you can enable Firewall again. There is no need to worry about security problem, for the process won’t take very long.

Step 1: Open Control Panel and select “System and Security”.

Step 2: Click Window Firewall and the Microsoft Windows Firewall box will be opened.

Step 3: Select “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” and modify current choice to “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)”. Restart computer to make changes take effect.

If you meet the error in other situations such as Windows update, Virtual machine, Outlook, etc. then you can find your solution from the article How to fix error code 0x80040005:

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