How to fix it so your feet don’t hurt when running

Why do our feet hurt when running? Did you know the contact we put on our feet when running can put quite a few times our weight on the balls and heels of the foot? The more you weigh, the more it can hurt! Running is about the greatest way to lose weight, but it can also be dangerous if not done right and an injury is the last thing we need.

health plan of nevada Most of the time, when your feet hurt when running it’s a sign of using the wrong shoe or could be the surface you’re running on. The right shoes are very important when running, they will make your runs a lot nicer and help to prevent an unnecessary injury. If you can, find a running store in your area and have them fit you for shoes.  Typically, it’s a good idea to go during the evening so that your feet are a little swollen from the walking you’ve been doing all day. Talk to the person helping you about what parts of your feet hurt when running and the issues you experience. While you are there they will generally study your stride and gait. You will more than likely have to run around the store a little bit for them, which will assist them in finding the best shoe fit for you.  Buying running shoes this way is more expensive, but making the investment in good shoes will make a huge difference and can save you expensive physical therapy sessions in the future! Ill fitting shoes will just advance injuries and make feet hurt when running a major issue. Also, taking long deep relaxed breaths can help with foot pain, where as pain can possibly mean cramping, and cramping could mean that you’re not getting enough oxygen in that area. If your feet hurt when running, give them a few of days off so that they can heal up. After that, try jogging briskly on a treadmill. Treadmills absorb most of the shock and make it a lot softer on your feet.

Usually, if it’s the ball of your foot that is making your feet hurt when running, it’s because you’re putting too much pressure on the it (this what people refer to when they say “run on your toes”). “Running on your toes” is typically used by sprinters which can also lead to extremely sore calves. Any time that your foot is flexed, you are also using your calves. Changing to a softer surface, watching the way your toe-off (attempting to not land on the ball of your foot, rather the mid-sole or heel instead) or getting new shoes that cushion that part of your foot are all general solutions to stopping the pain.

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