Five Ways To Organise Your Life With ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can make it hard for people to focus on certain tasks or to have a long conversation. This can lower a person’s quality of life, but there are lots of different ways to make the condition more manageable.

Read this guide for five ways to organise your life with ADHD. You will be able to put this theory into practice.

Go To A Clinic

If you go to an ADHD clinic in Sydney, they will be able to give you lots of advice about how to cope with your condition. One of the most common problems that people with ADHD face is concentrating on written text.

This is known as dyslexia and can be disruptive if your job involves even a small amount of reading.

Clinics are able to give people who suffer from ADHD specialist training to make sure that their dyslexia is not a big issue.

You will then be able to read with confidence without feeling that you are struggling. Research several different clinics before making the final decision. Visit for more information.

Make “To Do” Lists

Because ADHD causes you to have a shorter attention span, you might be finding it hard to do all the tasks that you have set yourself during the day. A simple solution is to create simple “to do” lists where the activities can be ticked off after they have been completed. This will give you a feeling of pride that you have achieved everything that you set out to do.

These lists don’t have to be very detailed. You can keep each bullet point to a few words.

Set Time-Limits

One of the most frustrating aspects of having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is that you might not be able to make decisions quickly. This can be frustrating if someone comes into your room and asks you to choose between an Indian and Chinese takeaway whilst they are about to dial the number.

On a larger scale, you might be deciding whether it is a good idea to change jobs. This requires a lot of careful thought and is not something that can be rushed. In this case, you might have too much time on your hands to come up with a prompt decision.

Set yourself time limits for making decisions. Small decisions might take a matter of minutes or days, whilst big decisions can take weeks or months. Setting time limits will create discipline.

Don’t Take On Too Many Responsibilities

People with ADHD can sometimes take on too many responsibilities. You might feel the urge to go to as many social functions as possible or to take on two jobs instead of one. Whilst this will certainly keep you active, there is a danger that you could be spreading yourself too thin.

Instead, just choose to do a few important things during the week without overstretching yourself. Then you will hopefully find that you are able to focus much more effectively.

Join A Support Group

A support group with other ADHD sufferers will help you to discover useful strategies for becoming more organised.

Use this guide to get organised with ADHD.

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