Five Stages of a Denver DUI case

Driving under the influence cases can leave a significant dent in your personal and professional life, if not handled properly. There are many cases where because of the blood and faulty breath test, people are doomed even though they are not guilty. Having a DUI lawyer in Denver to defend yourself in such circumstances it is advisable, as they have had experience in defending these cases before and have a thorough knowledge of the procedures to be followed during the breath test and blood tests and chemical tests later. If the test result is be negative you may feel you need a lawyer to plead guilty. But there is always an opportunity to the left until the last moment whenever you have a strong defense lined up against the evidence. A Denver DUI attorney works with you through all stages of your case to offer a strong defense to have a clean criminal record.


The initial stages of a DUI case include arrest and booking. An arrest could be made on the spot if the police can find a probable cause, based on the symptoms of drunk driving as erratic driving, speeding, bloodshot eyes, etc. We recommend you do not speak anything better in detention until you talk to your lawyer for his own good. Followed by an arrest he was booked with suspicion and detained by police. You will remain in custody until a bail agreement is made or is brought to court. At this point you should contact your DUI attorney and plan your strategy for the later stages of the case are as follows.

  1. Deposit

A deposit allows you to pay for their own liberation as long as you agree to appear for all court more procedures and comply with regulations set by the court. This is done using some form of deposit or bond ownership. His lawyer Denver DUI lawyer can guide you through this process and help you qualify for a bond if you can afford it.

  1. Indictment

This is the first time they appear in court as a defendant and asked to submit a petition to plead guilty or not guilty. Explain your DUI attorney everything that happened during detention and be honest. On the basis of this he / she will be able to decide what is best in their interest to plead guilty or not guilty. If you are advised to plead guilty, his lawyer and prosecutors urge the judge to reduce their level of punishment to a greater extent during the plea bargain.

  1. Preliminary Hearing

This is done before the trial and this is the time when your attorney may have an advantage over the prosecution and police, and create a good first impression in front of the jury. A preliminary hearing is the presentation of evidence gathered against you in front of the jury and your attorney can prove that there is no probable cause to arrest by demonstrating the lack of adequate evidence.

  1. Assay

During the trial, both the prosecution and the defense to present its argument and Denver DUI attorney has to be aggressive and smart to overshadow the prosecution and allegations and prove he is not guilty. A trial may continue for several days to several months. It is your lawyer is work to keep you healthy during this time and build your confidence.

  1. The sentence

A final verdict is given by the jury to weigh both sides of the argument and if you are really guilty and convicted of a felony, the better your DUI lawyer could do is encourage a less severe sentence such as probation, attend public service, etc. . And avoid arrest.

Life in Denver could be wrong and unfair to you once you are arrested or dismissed from their driving rights. This could damage your personal image and push you down in your career too. You cannot know everything about the law and defense. So don’t make the hasty decision to defend its case by itself without a DUI attorney in Denver and put their future at risk.

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