Five Remedies to Beat Body Aches

Body aches and pains are something all of us will have to deal with at one point or another in our lifetimes, but for those of us that have to deal with aches regularly, it can be a waking nightmare. Aches often tend to center around your joints, back, and neck, making moving and going about your day-to-day life exceedingly difficult.

Though some paints cannot be fixed, even with medical intervention, there are a few easy remedies to try out if you experience aches every so often and want a proactive way of dealing with it rather than just waiting:


We are mostly made up of water, so being dehydrated hurts is in every single way. If you feel aches and pains, drinking more water can help, but it is important to note that our bodies need minerals to absorb and use the water properly, otherwise it just runs through us.

Other ways to hydrate better and beat aches and pains is to make mixtures of fluids and health-promoting flavorings. Turmeric with hot milk, ginger and honey in hot water, or cinnamon and honey in hot water can all do wonders to help you ease body pain.


Potassium is your best friend, especially if your aches and pains are from a new exercise routine. Try eating a banana or two when you feel an ache or pain for the best results.


Our bodies break down when we don’t get a good night’s rest. Even the best mattress in the world can feel like rocks if you sleep poorly. Try to improve your night’s rest by trying one strategy at a time for a few nights, and then keeping the ones that work. Installing blackout blinds, using a humidifier, changing the sheets, and even just setting a strict bedtime are all options for you to try.

Bath Soaks

A good way to deal with existing aches and pains is, of course, with a good old soak. This could be in hot water, or you can boost the benefits by using a light mixture of apple cider vinegar or salt to ease your muscles and clear up any pain. As a bonus, these soaks feel wonderful and are a great way to treat yourself.

Addressing Underlying Cause

Of course, it can be difficult to fight off aches and pains if you don’t address the underlying issue. If you feel achy from your cold, dealing with the physical symptoms is not enough to fix the problem. Instead, you need to target the cold itself with a flu recovery IV. It will give you a boost of all the vitamins you need, as well as additional benefits to help reduce flu symptoms, to help you feel better and get better faster.

This principle applies to any cause. An injury will need to heal properly before you can expect aches to go away. Pain from stress can only go away when the stress does. Care for your wellbeing and health to help reduce or eliminate any ongoing pain.

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