Five Quick and Easy Home Improvement Tips for Winter

Winter means colder weather, and a home that isn’t prepared for this kind of harsh weather won’t be comfortable to live in over the colder months. Your home should be a refuge from the brisk cold outside. Sure, bundling up in blankets and layers of thick jumpers is one option for winter, but there are a bevvy of other solutions to choose from, so think about upgrading your home into a cost-effective and cosy sanctuary throughout the colder months.

Draught-Proof Your Home

Draughts in your home let in the cold winter air, and freeze up your entire house. If you often find that there’s a chill in your home no matter what you do, it is probably because you have unsealed windows that need a draught-proof solution.

Seal the gaps in your window frames with adhesive tape or with silicone sealant, for a more long-lasting effect. Once your draughts have been sealed, your home can retain heat much more efficiently. This also means you can save on your heating bill because your house stays heated for longer.

Upgrade Your Radiators

When was the last time you upgraded your radiators? Most people would say they can’t even remember. Radiators are a staple feature inside a modern home and most people take them for granted. If you run your hand along your radiator and find that is only faintly giving off heat, then consider investing in Eskimo design radiators. This range of radiators feature excellent heat output, and let’s put it this way, you’ll no longer be wondering if the heating is even on.

Bleed Your Radiators

Radiators require upkeep in the long-term. If a radiator has not been used all summer, it will probably need a kickstart to get it running again at its most efficient. Bleeding your radiators at least once a year will ensure that they are producing their optimum heat output and that they heat up all round.

Invest in Thick Curtains

Alongside draught-proofing your windows, you should consider installing thick pairs of curtains in rooms that require more ventilation than others. If your living room has a fireplace that you need a draught for, then a pair of thick curtains across your windows will help to keep the draughts at bay while also maintaining good ventilation for when you have the fire on. Thick curtains help to keep rooms insulated and retain the heat that you so desperately need in the colder months.

Lay out Rugs

Laminate flooring gets incredibly cold in the winter, and it especially seems this way on chilly mornings when you have just woken up. Instead of carpeting your floor, which can be time-consuming and is less easy on the wallet, lay thick, soft rugs in the centre of your laminate flooring or where the most common walkway is. You’ll be thankful you did so on those frosty mornings.

It can be a challenge to keep warm during winter, but these tips will help you to keep the cold at bay.

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