Five questions you have to ask before you purchase your first men’s watch

Men love their watches. It used to be a simple equation when rich men are satisfied adorning their wrists with Rolex. This watch was then macho status symbol for the rich while lesser male strapped on Timex or Casio. But now the male relationship with his watch is more complicated.

Buying the first watch for a man is not an easy task; there are lots of factors to consider. It should not be done on impulse to get it over with. First watch must have such an impact that the timepiece will always be considered memorable.A watch is a very personal decision and one that should not typically be done on impulse.

Five questions you have to ask before you purchase your first men’s watch

How will he wear this watch?

Consider his lifestyle, his wardrobe and why he wants a new watch. It is also safe to consider what attractive features he would want the watch to have. Will the time piece be for everyday-wear watch or for formal occasions? Or will it be for sports as something useful for a dive or chronograph category. Watches for formal events are thin and elegant with few complications. Because they are versatile, sports watches can be worn any time of the day and even at the office.

How much is the set budget or price tag?

If the budget is from $1,000 to $20,000, you will purchase the mid-range luxury watches. Or if it will part of a watch collector elite with high-end purchase, your budget will have to be of $20,000 and over. Your budget range determines the best affordable watch to purchase.

Will it be vintage or pre-owned timepieces or only new watches?

Purchasing a pre-owned model is a great way to give a young man a good watch without the new price-tag. New or pre-owned watches are worthwhile owning as it is a beautiful work of art appreciated by collectors and the public alike. This will be the beginning of your protégée’s watch collection.

Automatic, manual wind or quartz?

Quartz watches do not need winding, are inherently more accurate and less expensive. They are the preference of most collectors and watch connoisseurs. The manual or automatic is really more romantic. They have to be wind up before wearing. Both are ideal choices a man’s first watch.

Where should you buy the watch?

Buy only from a reputable dealer who can guarantee the condition of a watch, its authenticity, and can answer more in-depth and personal questions you may have. Purchase your watch from an authorized retailer and watch repair center that has so many luxury brands. They have authentic parts for watches when the watch needs repair.

It is best to take your time

Men wear watches for obvious reason — to tell time. But watches have so many other functions.  Every watch is a reflection of one’s personal style and the image that he needs to project. Before buying the first watch, take time to conduct a research. Talk with a reputable watch retailer to help you effectively navigate the purchase of a watch. Take some time to look into various watch brands and models. There are reviews you can read and videos online. If possible, talk to sales person who are expertly-trained and have the passion for watch collecting. You might even be the starting point of the young man’s watch collection.

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