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Adventure Apparel

Feeling that overwhelming desire to see places unknown, and feel the satisfying sensation of being in a new place? This feeling is commonly known as fernweh, or wanderlust, and it is a very common feeling among this generation. If you fit the mold, then you’ve got to explore the adventure shop of travel inspiration known as Five & Free. When it comes to passion for life, adventure and good memories this place has got it figured out. Five And Free represents a community of those who share this enthusiasm and are constantly looking for excitement in life and the joy of seeing every beautiful location on this big blue planet. Five & Free represents the most real, alive group of people you will ever encounter. In this amazing group, there is a multitude of happy, adventurers who share their stories, photos, and knowledge of their experiences traveling the world and adventuring on a daily basis. And the passion is displayed in the most worthy fashion imaginable, on the clothing we as adventurers wear everyday. We hope to spread our vagabond virus throughout the rest of the world by repping the encouraging and sensational words and designs that motivated us to begin down a path of everlasting exploration.This travel apparel shop has much more than just some typical travel quotes, professionally printed on their apparel through Printful. It is more than just clothing, it is being proud of your originality and wanting to teach others what is really important in life. Making memories… Now from a business to customer standpoint you can rest assured knowing that not only are the apparel and accessories made with quality in mind, but orders are quickly fulfilled and the support team at Five & Free is polite and responsive. These mottos of passion are printed in a unique and eye catching fashion onto pre-shrunk, light-weight ring spun cotton, so that every garment fits properly and you are feeling FREE wearing the comfortable clothing brand known as Five & Free. Our gear and adventure apparel is manufactured by popular clothing companies Anvil & American Apparel, and their variety of colors including tri-blend and solid designs are guaranteed to satisfy. There is also a fantastic collection of adventure accessories including women’s jewelry, travel pendants, and even phone cases, custom made with original designs. We know that you will feel the inspiration and enthusiasm in the community when you join. It would be nothing less than a mistake to miss out on the exciting stories, inspiring knowledge of seasoned travelers and awe inspiring photos that this team shares every day. Join us on Facebook at and dont forget to post your photos and stories of travels you have experienced. This may be your calling, and we greatly hope to see you doing what you love; so do what makes sense and visit us today! Live.

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