The First Five Things You Need to Do when Planning Your Wedding

So you’ve finally gotten engaged! That in itself is a big step. But after the engagement, what then? It’s obvious, isn’t it? You have to plan your wedding.  Now this is where things can get a bit tricky, especially if you rush into it head-on. You have to plan your wedding in the best possible way and consider all the details. But before you plan all the specific details and technicalities, there are five things you need to do first.

Announce it!

First of all, you have to tell everyone – especially those who have played a big role in your life as a couple. This would, of course, include both your parents, siblings, and other family members. If you can, set up a meeting with both sets of parents so you can make the announcement of your engagement together. If, however, one or both set of parents don’t live in the same region or even country, you can schedule a special Skype or telephone call. Don’t forget to inform close friends as well.


Discuss your dream wedding

Now is the time to actually sit down with your special someone and discuss ideas for your dream wedding. This is the perfect opportunity to really delve into what you want. What style do you prefer? Where would you like to have it? What details would you like your wedding to have? Have a serious discussion about your wedding dreams without worrying about your budget – at least, not yet.

Consider the timing

Whilst you may not have the exact wedding date in mind yet, it would be a good idea to decide what season or month you would like for your wedding. This way, it will be easier to organise everything since you have a timeline in mind. It may also be a good time to create the first draft of your guest list, as this list will often determine the size of your venue (like a great venue such as the Doncaster Hotel The Regent), how much your wedding will actually cost, and whether or not you and your guests have to travel.

Decide on your budget

After discussing the guest list and your dream wedding, it would be a good idea to discuss your budget. How much are you willing to allot or spend for the wedding? Decide on a wedding budget bottom line. If your parents are contributing, it would be a good opportunity to ask them how much they are also willing to spend.

Make preparations

 Write down all the details you’ve already discussed in a special ‘wedding notebook.’ Separate the notebook into different sections, according to budget. By doing this, you can write down how much you are willing to spend on the category and then begin to see how you can cut costs and expenses.

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