Finding Comfort during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is certainly a tremendously joyous occasion is not without its ups and downs.. Much like anything else in life, making sure that you are well prepared will be key in your comfort. You will notice as you progress through the many stages of pregnancy, you will find some of the things that you were able to do effortlessly and even maybe took for granted are now, tedious task. Prenatal care, as well as making sure you are taking the right supplements are common practice, but what about other pregnancy essentials? Its very important that you take the time to make a list of the pregnancy essentials, that you will need, something’s you will be able to predict but something’s can blindside you.


For me this came in the form of pregnancy insomnia. I spent many nights on the living room couch watching old TV shows deep in too the early hours of the morning. I must have watched every episode of Bewitched ever created. This was problematic for me because I have 2 school aged children that need to be cleaned up, fed, and off to the school bus starting at 6 sharp every morning. Eventually the lack of sleep caught up with me, and the fatigue took over HARD! Sleep aids, over the counter medicines and herbal supplements are not safe for the baby during pregnancy, and I’ve never been a fan of using medicines to induce sleep especially because they can become addictive. Fortunately I was able to find out my issue was that I could not get comfortable. I began to experiment with different info I found on the internet on various blogs and websites. I eventually, after much trial and error found that using about 5 pillows along my body, allowed me to doze off, the problem was as soon as my complex arrangements of pillows fell apart I would wake up and have to rearrange them. As I searched for a solution I discovered that a maternity pillow could solve this issue, then I discovered that all maternity pillows are not created equally. The first one I bought was not very comfortable, it was very flat,, I would find my self fluffing this huge pillow all through the night.  I decided to go with a much thicker fill on my next pregnancy pillow and I was in love. It supported my body in the right places, there was no slippage, and I was sleeping through the night. By my second trimester, Id become a guru of sorts on keeping myself comfortable with this pregnancy must have.

I tried many different products, some were bad, some were good,  and some just made matters wost. Reflecting on my trials and errors I was able to compile a short list of the 5 BEST Pregnancy Essentials. This list is comprised of only the most important, and useful pregnancy essentials that aided  me in a smooth transition into motherhood.  To check out my list please visit our blog

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