Finding Affordable Flights in Australia Does Not Have to be Daunting

Travelling around Australia doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. There are many ways to maximise your holiday adventures while staying within budget, starting with the flight. Searching for affordable flights in Australia may seem a daunting challenge at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

Flights in Australia

If you’re coming from outside the country, it’s highly advisable to plan ahead – as in three to six months ahead. Online travel websites such as Totally Australia, Expedia and Webjet make it easy for you to browse available flights and create an itinerary based on your date, time and location criteria. Be mindful that opting for a flight one day earlier or one day later (or even an hour before or after) can offer substantial savings, so try to stay flexible in your planning if at all possible. You may prefer to book a flight the old-fashioned way – either by calling a travel agent or speaking directly with the airline. Travel agents and airline representatives can run quick searches based on your criteria, saving you the hassle of having to navigate these matrices yourself.

Booking a domestic flight once you’re in Australia requires much less planning, often requiring no more than twenty-four hours notice. There are several discount airlines from which a traveller can choose, and these flights can also be booked either online or by phone. Australian discount airlines generally offer numerous flights throughout the day to all major cities, with early morning and late night flights being the least expensive options.

Once you’re past the tedium of booking your flight, you can start planning your actual holiday. Australia’s rich natural and cultural beauty promises unique and memorable experiences for every traveller. After hitting touristic hotspots like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, why not dine in the historic and enchanting Rocks section of the city? Or take the ferry to Taronga Zoo for a day of bonding with some of Australia’s furry and feathered natives?

If you’re looking for some serious wildlife bonding, hop a flight to Ballina Airport and explore the subtropical Northern Rivers region. You’ll certainly feel connected with this glorious area after scuba diving (or snorkelling) with sea turtles and tropical fish off Julian Rocks in Byron Bay. Afterward, you may choose to enjoy one of Australia’s most beautiful and affordable attractions – watching the sun set over the ocean while sitting on a sandy white beach.

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