How to Find a Store to Furnish Your Bedroom

While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the bedroom is your own private haven. Deciding what the best furniture for that room is, therefore, is a subjective matter that depends entirely on your personal needs and preferences. This is why finding a furniture store in Orange County CA to do up your bedroom should start with finding one that has a large variety of pieces to choose from.


Bedroom furniture materials vary as widely as colors and styles. Perhaps you like fabric upholstered pieces, gilded pieces, wood pieces, or metal pieces. And then, within those categories, you still have a range of other subcategories. Someone may, for instance, love a vintage cast iron bed, whereas someone else would prefer a dark piece made from African sapele.


Choosing the bedroom furniture style that is right for you is, again, a very subjective and personal solution. What matters is that you find pieces that match your overall style. Some ideas include:

  • Chrome bedframes and furniture for modern rooms with a lot of black, white, and silver. This works well with some red splashes as well.
  • Whitewashed wooden furniture for vintage rooms. This goes well with floral patterns and pastel colors.
  • Pine furniture for a neutral look, meaning you can change the décor of your room regularly, while leaving the furniture in place.


Price is also a very important consideration. This is not subjective in terms of personal taste. Rather, it is down to your personal budget. Luckily, cheaper pieces do not necessarily mean worse quality pieces. That said, there are certain materials that are cheaper and that also tend to be of lower quality, like MDF boards. Generally speaking, however, you can get bedroom furniture in two general classifications of prices:

  1. Flat-packed furniture, which tends to be incredibly affordable because it is mass produced. You do have to put this up by yourself. Make sure you check the materials that are used in the different pieces of the furniture.
  2. Custom furniture, which is far more expensive. That said, only high quality materials are used in custom furniture, and those pieces are literally built to last a lifetime. This may mean, therefore, that you only have to purchase the furniture once in your life. If you do want to opt for this, then it is recommended to choose pieces that are neutral in style and color.

There are some “in between” options as well. Generally speaking, these pieces are made of solid wood. They are generic pieces, but they are made with slightly higher quality materials, such as solid oak, and they are not as mass produced as others. These pieces tend to cost marginally more as their flat packed counterparts, but they are also of far superior quality.

If you are looking for a furniture store to purchase your new bedroom pieces from, you should start with a number of things in mind: the style you are looking for, the materials that you like, and your budget.

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