How To find A Startup Job

Those searching for a startup job are passionate about being the framework of a business and eager to work with a small, but determined group of entrepreneurs.

While long hours and a lot of responsibility are two costs of beginning a startup job, you may have the desire to become a part of a startup team because of all the advantages.

Startups typically offer good salaries, and you have more autonomy and more flexible hours. A lot of people join up because they want to be a part of the core team when the company makes it big. Some people just like having more responsibility among a smaller staff.

If you are unhappy with your current job and are looking to take a new career path, startups are not a bad option to shake it up.

Finding a job at a startup can ultimately be rewarding and they are a lot more available than you might think.

Network Everywhere

It can be expensive to advertise on print and digital platforms, so hiring people from existing connections is the easiest and cheapest way for startup employers to find new employees.

If you are looking to join a startup company, ask around to business owners and friends to see if anyone knows of an open position. Research networking groups or mentoring programs to help you get a start. Meetups can help facilitate these kinds of hires as well.

After participating in these programs or networking events for a little while, you will have met some people that could help you secure a job, or at the very least, you gained some connections for future referrals.

Search locally

Whether you live in a large city or a small town, you can find startup jobs online by searching directly in your area.

If you look at local job sites, you narrow your competition. The bigger, national sites will yield thousands of applications. You might just be washed over. If you apply to local companies on local sites, you’re more likely to make a connection.

Create a list of startup businesses in your area and use these sites to navigate the open positions.

Clean Up Your Image Online

A lot of startup businesses operate in the technology space, and know how to navigate search results better than most people.

You don’t want some goofy picture somebody posted from your college years to prevent you from getting a job just because it’s floating out on Google page 4.

Almost 80 percent of recruiters are required to look into candidates’ online reputations, and you better believe tech startups are doing this. It’s not that hard to clean up your online reputation, and depending what’s out there, the effects can be life-changing.

In fact, this is something you should continue doing this even once you secured your job.

Find startup-specific websites

Do you find it difficult to find startup businesses in your area?

Search startup-specific job sites to narrow your results so you can see only jobs in the field you want to work. There’s a ton of these and you can filter by location or even check out some remote opportunities.


When you apply for a startup business, you should always ask yourself whether it’s the right business for you to work at.

Don’t settle on the first startup business you come across. Consider whether it fits your own goals and passions. A lot of effort is required to find success in the startup world, so you need to decide if it’s right for you.

Make sure to research all of your options through both connections and online before choosing your next startup job.

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