Find The Best 2017 Swimsuit Sales By Shopping Online

Of all the clothing a woman shops for, swimwear can be one of the hardest items to find — especially during the winter months. Finding a good swimsuit that covers where it needs to, flatters one’s body shape, and is comfortable isn’t always easy. For plus size women, this can be even more difficult.

Luckily, there are some great swimwear sources for plus size women today. Some of these sources are online, which is actually fortunate since everyone has a department store horror story they would prefer not to relive. From the harsh lighting to the cramped spaces to the crook-eyed size 4 salesgirl, a brick-and-mortar shopping experience never rates high on anyone’s list. Finding a gorgeous swimsuit in the right size and that actually looks good isn’t always a cake walk at the mall or big box store so it’s no wonder online swimwear sales have skyrocketed. Finding the right swimsuit and from the comfort of home has never been so easy.

The recent e-commerce boom has helped to fix this problem and online retailers such as swimsuitsforall are dedicated to the plus size woman, and designers as well as models are taking note. One major and obvious drawback to online shopping is finding the right fit or style without being able to try on the swimsuit before purchasing. Luckily the website has many tips to help and since 2005, they have been a leader in swimwear for curvy women. They now boast new styles by major designers and even Sports Illustrated cover models.

Recent cover girl Ashley Graham looked hot and sexy and totally rocked it in a revealing orange and purple bikini, and for true fans of this plus size phenom, you can now check out her own swimsuit line available for sale. The bottom line is that swimsuitsforall has been creating high quality, stylish swimwear in sizes 8-34 for over 10 years — and if you’d like to explore for yourself, why not check out Ashley Graham’s own collection.

Being a plus size woman is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s something to celebrate — but there are still some basic tips to follow, when looking for the right swimsuit:

  1. For maximum bust support choose a high neck one piece, scoop neck, or underwire swimsuit.
  2. To maximize the bust, choose a one piece or tankini with a low neckline. One pieces or tankinis are also good options to show off sexy legs.
  3. To instead minimize thighs or hips, choose swimdresses, skirtinis, or shortinis.

Should every plus size woman wear a bikini? It depends on what she’s comfortable with. Some women may want more coverage whether for modesty reasons or because she simply prefers a different look. While a small bikini looks revealing, other styles like tankinis or high-waisted bikinis can offer a little more coverage while still offering sex appeal. Online swimwear sales offer plenty of options so that all plus size women can find what they’re looking for. At swimsuitsforall there is a current site-wide sale going on now which takes 30% off the entire amount and free shipping on $50+ purchases.

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