Filter Belts

Filter belts are relevant across a host of industries and they offer value to all who work in said industries. These work-tools are essentially fabrics which are used in the separation of liquid from solids. Their relevance is more pronounced in the chemical, mechanical, mining, water-treatment, and winemaking industries.

As stated above, the filter belts are used for sludge dewatering and material processing in belt press, sludge thickening in gravity belt thickener, and filtration in horizontal vacuum belt filter etc. For these processes to be effectively carried out, it is necessary that the best materials are used in the manufacture of these belts.  At Czech Industrial Fabrics, this understanding is clear as day and is the reason why our filter belts are standout performers in industrial environments.

Our filter belts are typically made from abrasive resistant PET which gives them excellent dimensional ability, tensile strength and the ability to withstand wear and tear. Other types of yarn which may be used under special conditions and for special projects include; PAD, PE, PEEK, PPS and PP. We follow the best healthy and safety rules to deliver the very best work tools. This effectively puts us way above competition as we care about quality service delivery.

The kinds of filter belts we produce are malleable and can be bent to work in specific value-centric industries and with such machinery. They are known to function in; belt presses, belt thickeners and horizontal vacuum filters, and as; spiral and woven filter belts. We take great care in making sure that we deliver the very best backed by guarantees. That’s how committed we are to excellence.

Getting a filter belt is not all there is to finding the best match for your industry specification, it is imperative that the best filter belts are used in the best industries and for the best applications. We therefore study the industries of our customers in the bid to match them to the filter belts that will produce the best and most effective results. These studies are relevant to helping clients find the best materials as they apply to their industry needs, goals and priorities. As quality is the backbone of all industrial materials and technological processes, we make sure our production plant and all our materials for filter belts are of the best quality and they meet ISO-9001 certification.

No matter your filter belt needs, Czech Industrial Fabrics have you covered. Whatever your requirements, we will meet and exceed your expectations.

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