Are You a Fan of Online Betting? Here’s the Latest News You should Know

The betting industry seems to be an excellent opportunity for platform providers and bookies to make a lot of money in a short time; though that’s not always the case. True, the organisers and businesses do accrue a nice income, but the industry certainly isn’t an easy one – the fact that there have been so many mergers and acquisitions attest to the fact that the industry is a highly competitive one indeed.

This is great for the punters, of course; this competition assures low margins (greater winnings for the playing public) and much more variety when it comes to platforms (speaking of variety, Bet365 is one bookmaker worth checking out, and there’s a review of Bet365 in Australia that proves why it comes highly recommended – a 100% bonus to up to $200, anyone?). But the industry is changing. Are you a fan of online betting? Here’s the latest news you should know.

The mobile way

More and more people are doing their shopping, their research, their work, and their entertainment online, and going mobile offers us a lot of convenience. This is also true for betting – the companies understand that consumers no longer sit at their computers all day; rather, betting is easier and more conveniently done when people are on the go, via tablet or mobile phone. This trend is sure to continue, and providers are adjusting for this.

Social media

Social media is no longer a platform for pictures of cats, food, or favourite songs; more and more hobbyists go online to form groups – including betting groups, in which tipsters share their ideas and group members discuss odds and various bets. This online community is sure to grow in the coming years.

Live streaming

More and more bookmakers understand that live streaming of sport events is a great bonus to offer; they understand that letting betting players watch the game is an added incentive. Often these providers require only a minimum bet. The ability to watch the game via live streaming is often, by itself, more than worth it.

Global influence

Whilst what happens in the USA may or may not heavily influence the betting industry in the UK, Australia, and other countries to great extent, the fact is that Donald Trump’s presidency is by many considered a good boost; he himself owns many casinos, after all, and softer and more open gambling laws will ultimately benefit online companies in Australia, the UK, and more as well.

One more thing could open up a lot of opportunities for providers; the domain name ‘.bet’. This may not seem like a big issue at first, but it could make a big difference in the way betting and gaming sites identify and market themselves; the companies would no longer have to use the word ‘bet’ or ‘betting’ in their brand name, and that opens up opportunities. It’s bound to attract new companies, and this is great news for the casual punter.

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