Family Cars in India- What makes the Perfect Car?

In India, the concept of ‘family’ occupies a prime vantage point in an individual’s life. Everything he/she does, directly or indirectly pays homage to the idea of family and companionship. Even when he/she is out playing the game of car compare, the primary concern remains the compatibility of said car with the buyer’s family size (both current as well as prospective) and the quantum of comfort it would provide his/her family unit. Yups, we are a wee bit sappy that way!!

When it Comes to a Family Car, Size Does Matter

Ideally, cars that can seat 6-7 people make it to the chopping block when the buyer’s family includes a couple of seniors. In the case of a nuclear family unit (the norm these days), any hatchback, sedan or SUV will do. When indulging in car comparison, ensure that you take into account this very crucial factor. Next, check out the price of such prospective cars and compare it against your budget. The Hyundai i20 price is quite affordable, and so is the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga’s price. In the grand scheme of things, the latter MPV is a more comfortable and spacious car for bigger families as compared to the formerly named Hyundai production. Though, the i20 offers the in-city performance, looks and chutzpah that is sorely missing from the Ertiga’s playbook and thus will appeal to 3-4 membered families.

Not all Family Cars are MPVs

When cars are compared in India, most people looking for family cars settle for the Multi PurposeVehicle (MPV), an elongated van that fits more people and carries proportionately more cargo. With the recent introduction of the Tata Hexa, with its sleek awesomeness- power and performance, this trend about MPVs might change. However, the bulk of the MPV market still targets the ‘great Indian families’ to meet its sales targets. The phenomenal success of the Toyota Innova and its recent update, InnovaCrysta is sufficient testament for the same.

But then again, success in this very niche segment isn’t guaranteed. The Chevrolet Tavera’s price is in the ready ballpark of what is considered acceptable, the Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) looks good, is gamely configured, yet hasn’t really caught on with its target audience. Looks like Indians have a varied platter of considerations when choosing a family car- price, internal space, looks and mileage. And, where the Innova scores, the Tavera failed to make an impact.

The Makings of a Family Car

There isn’t a fixed blueprint that defines a family car, but there are a number of elements that put together give off the best driving experience for you and your passengers, the family. First, there is the internal space that should be abundant and airy, followed by copious cargo volume, helpful safety features such as child safety locks and seats with pre-tensioners, adequate A/C reach and a full assortment of airbags. A hatchback, sedan, MPV, MUV or SUV will do the trick, as long as they are adequately configured with features that make the ride comfortable and enjoyable for the entire family. In the Indian automotive market, a number of cars are retailed specifically as family cars, and hence, the choice is abundant. Keen automotive contests such as the ErtigavsMobilio ensure that the segment remains competitive and the demand for ‘specialist’ family cars will never wane.

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