Fall In Love With The Best Nutrition To Keep You Looking Sexy – Tips For Fashion Models

Secret To Sexiness

The most beautiful high class girls know that the secret to staying sexy is maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet. Everything that you put in your body has some sort of effect on the way you look, from the size of your waist to the glow of your skin. You can easily tweak various aspects of your diet to make sure that you look your sexiest possible. Here are some of our favorite nutritious snacks, meals and treats to keep you at your most appealing.

beautiful high class girls

Lean Protein

If you’re already on some sort of diet program, the best thing to add to your regimen is some lean protein that will give your metabolism an extra boost. Some of the best sources of lean protein include eggs and fish. You can easily incorporate eggs into your daily routine with a few as part of a light breakfast, or as a hardboiled side to your lunchtime salad.  If you can’t manage to fit them in during the day, try making an easy and sweet frittata as a before-bedtime snack.

Beta Carotene

Beta-carotene is found in fruits and veggies that are orange in color, such as sweet potatoes, mangos, apricots, carrots and more. The great upside of beta-carotene is that it prevents premature wrinkling, and that’s something that no VIP model wants.

Iron-Rich Protein

Have you guessed yet that protein is pretty important to your diet? Iron-rich protein can help you get the most shiny, strong and elastic hair of your life, due to the way it oxygenizes your cells. You can find this iron-rich protein in red meat – think steak, ground beef and roasts – for a filling dinner. You can also find it in lighter options such as turkey and eggs. For an aphrodisiac on date night, you can also get your iron-rich protein from oysters.


It sounds weird, but there’s a reason that fluoride is in many of your water sources, as well as in most of your toothpaste. Fluoride is very important for your teeth and a beautiful smile, though. Ensure that you maintain healthy gums, smell-free breath and strong teeth by drinking either black or green tea. Believe it or not, this tasty and typically calorie-free drink contains fluoride and helps fight bad breath. Drink it straight, without any sugar or added sweeteners.

Water, Water, Water

You’ve probably already heard it for most of your life – water is important to any healthy diet. It keeps your skin hydrated to avoid any ugly dry patches. It keeps your stomach full so that you eat less throughout the day. It also prevents bloating, meaning that your stomach looks great, no matter what you’re wearing.


We know what you’re thinking. What? How can coffee be good for me? Well, it may not contain any helpful nutrients, but coffee is calorie-free and it actually increases the female sex drive. You know what happens when those hormones get a little perk – your skin has a sudden glow, you walk with a little more confidence and you just feel better all the way around. These same results can be found from the endorphin-releasing components in chocolate (luck you).

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