Factory Unlock iPhone 5- Some unbeatable benefits

Must have been discussed about iPhones and their unlocking procedure at our tech forum but customers are always looking forward to know what more they can get out of their official iPhone factory unlock service? In this article we are going to list out some core benefits of a factory unlocked iPhone 5 and how it is different from a locked iPhone 5? We will define the basic difference about two devices and later on we will write down some benefits and pros of having a factory unlocked iPhone 5 in hand. Stay tuned and we have lots of stuff to tell you.

iPhone 5

What is the difference between a factory unlocked iPhone 5 and a locked one?

A factory unlocked iPhone is basically manufactured and assembled by official suppliers of Apple without any alterations or modifications into its software or hardware. While on the other hand a locked iPhone is altered by different cellular services providers like Verizon, AT&T and others. They alter software and hardware of the locked iPhone 5 so that they can run it along with their services and contract. A factory unlocked iPhone is better in a way that its software and hardware are not touched once they are assembled and dispatched. This saves you from further complications in your iPhone using experience. Now let’s have a look at how beneficial it is to buy a factory unlocked iPhone or get official factory unlock services from a trusted vendor online?

Change cell phone providers at your choice:

A factory unlocked iPhone 5 gives you privilege to use any network’s SIM without asking or telling anyone else. You can change as many cellular networks as you like without paying a single penny in terms of changing the SIM card. However on the other hand, a locked iPhone is bound to work with only one single cellular network and you are bound to follow the packages and rates being offered by that particular cellular services provider. A factory unlock iPhone is free and it can be used anywhere anytime with any network’s SIM card and no one will ask you or sue you for this act.

No more contracts:

A locked iPhone 5 comes with a 2 year or more contract as agreed by the customer and cellular services provider. The customer with a locked iPhone 5 is bound to work with the contract until and unless he/she goes for official iPhone 5 unlocking services. You will be bound to pay monthly bills, obey contract terms and limit yourself to one single cellular network which is often too much annoying for regular customers. luckily, there is no such case with factory unlocked iPhone 5 and you can use them they way you like to. With a factory unlocked iPhone, you are not bound to any terms and conditions and you can make as much alterations to your phone as you like without asking or taking permission of the manufacturer or suppliers.

Regular money saving:

Cellular networks keep on increasing their rates and cellular services prices and locked iPhone owners are bound to pay whatever the owner of the cellular service provider asks them to. On the other hand a factory unlocked iPhone is not bound to be used with any cellular network and you are always free to make your choice. Whenever your current cellular services provider increases rates, you can always switch to any other network of your choice that offers low rates for the same services. Thus a factory unlocked iPhone is far more convenient to handle than a locked one.

Easy international travel:

A locked iPhone is very hard to travel with when you are moving abroad for an educational or business trip. This is quite often possible that your current cellular network provider is not offering services in that part of the world where you are going and as a result you are bound to pay for data roaming charges against your will. This happens with every single locked iPhone 5 and customers have to pay for data roaming charges. However this is not the case with a factory unlocked iPhone 5 as you can go anywhere in the world and change networks to the local networks of that part of the world to ensure that you are saving money and travelling lightly. A factory unlocked iPhone 5 saves you from hassles of changing mobile phones time to time as you just have to change SIM and that’s it.

I just bought a locked iPhone 5, what should I do now?

There is nothing to worry if you are having a locked iPhone in hand. You can easily get it factory unlocked for very low rates as these days official iPhone unlocking services are priced at very reasonable rates. As you have gone through different useful and handy benefits of a factory unlocked iPhone 5, now you should get your locked iPhone unlocked with official factory unlock services and save money.

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