Explore The Most Popular Forms Of Martial Arts

Martial arts have a lot of benefits ranging from proper fitness all the way up to self-defence.

One point which confuses many people is the type of the martial arts class which they should be joining. Among so many different types of martial arts, which one should you choose.

Many of the people are just familiar with the martial arts which are shown in movies and televisions using weapons like martial arts sword. However, forms of martial arts vary and not each and every one of them uses weapons.

To make it a little easier for you to choose, we would discuss 3 different types of martial arts to choose from.


  1. Traditional martial arts: The traditional type of martial arts has been popular for hundreds of years. They still use the basic form of training. The practice techniques are also the same.

Some of the traditional form of martial arts:

Aikido: Aikido was introduced to the world by Morihei Uyeshiba. It is primarily for self-defense against manual attacks like kicks as well as grabs and punches along with some smaller weapons.

Judo: This is another form of martial art which is used for self-defense and was introduced by Jigoro Kano.

Karate: This martial arts form first became famous in Okinawa in Japan.The basic moves in this kind of martial arts include knee and elbow striking methods.It also teaches punches and various other ways to work using the open hands.

Muay Thai: As the name suggests, it was first introduced in Thailand. It is also known as Thai kickboxing. It is categorized as a self-defense technique, but it is very aggressive. Moreover, it benefits you immensely if you want to stay fit.


  1. MMA: MMA is the abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts. It has become pretty famous in the last couple of decades. As the name suggest, the martial arts are not just limited to a single type.The different techniques which are involved are:





  1. Fitness boxing: Fitness boxing achieved its peak a decade ago when each and every media outlet followed the sport. Fitness boxing can be used along with mixed martial arts or along with the traditional martial arts. It provides you with a good workout in order to stay completely fit.

Anyone who is looking forward to try hand at some form of martial arts, should go ahead and start with any of the above suggested forms of martial arts.

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