Expert Tips On How To Run With A Jogging Stroller

How To Run With A Jogging Stroller

Many parents love to take up on a stroller challenge and keep their babies having a good time. But what are some of the most ideal stuff that I have learnt since I took up on running with my twins in the Best Double Jogging Stroller?


The Benefits Of Running With A Jogging Stroller

Despite the added difficulty and occasional inconvenience, I’ve founded a few awesome benefits from running with a jogging stroller.

  • Quality time with your children. When I’m running with my sons, I try to talk to them as much as I can. Since babies’ language development comes through exposure to our conversations, I use this focused time to help build in their vocabulary. Trust me it works like a charm.
  • Added muscle resistance. An obvious benefit to running with a baby jogger is that every run feels like you’re running uphill. This makes your muscles to develop a great deal of endurance and also to cup in that ideal resistance that you need.
  • Ability to keep running through major life change. Running with a jogging stroller can help you stick to your training plan (mostly) with this new major life change. We also use the time to (literally) run errands including grabbing a few groceries, looking through the shops, getting our kids from baby class and dropping in at the grannies.

When Running With A Jogging Stroller, Cautions

Running with a jogging stroller (at least at first), is kind of the same way. As someone who has been used to going for a run whenever, and wherever I wanted for the past 20 years, I’ve had to make a few adjustments even with my Best Double Jogging Stroller.

  • Make sure your baby is happy. If the baby is happy, your run will go a lot better. So try to fix them in with a few toys and if possible some cool music to listen to if they have rammed the right ages.
  • Avoid busy areas. This goes without saying, but avoiding busy streets is now a major factor in planning out my running route that remains safe and easy to handle.
  • Don’t assume people see you. For awhile, I had this mistaken impression that people would see a big red stroller coming down the sidewalk, hell no, they don’t. In fact, people are busy out there watching their own backs to keep an eye on you.

Tips For A Successful Run With Your Jogging Stroller

Here are a few simple tips that will help make running with a jogging stroller feel just a little less than running hundred miles over that hill.

  • Run tall, keeping your elbows tucked in and not flailing but above all maintain an upright posture. In simple terms, pay attention to your form.
  • Alternate your arms more often than you think. Trust me, alternating your arms frequently will help it feel less awkward while you’re pushing a running stroller, try it out and see how it goes.
  • But for a quick and easy control, here is what experience has taught me, against all odds, take time to loosen up the safety strap and don’t lock the front swivel wheel. This could come hard but it’s the surest way to have a complete control of the stroller.


I would say that my time with my twins has been exceptional since I used Best Double Jogging Stroller but either way getting an exceptional stroller and knowing how to use it is the best thing that anyone would love to have in place.

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