Exciting Rome: TOP 8 things to keep in mind

Rome is an amazing place. What is the most interesting, it doesn’t really matter how much time you have for your stay in Italy – you need anyway much more time to examine all its picturesque places to visit.

There is only one chance for everyone to keep up-to-date with such a pleasant work like sights seeing. You should move to Italy. What price this! Nevertheless, there are few things you should always meet and see in Rome with the sole aim of warming to Italy and its ancient capital all together.

Walking down the town
First of all, there is a good advice for everyone, who wants to make a trip better than never. Try to leave the city map in your hotel every time you go out. Are you surprised? Don’t be, as only in such a way you can meet Rome as large as life.
Do you know what makes the capital of Italy so interesting? Everything’s simple. The longer you walk down the cozy streets, the more real Italy you’ll see. Travelling without a map you can stop where you want, look at what you like, not because you’ve read about that place in your guide or map, but because it looks interesting for you.
Just think that you have an opportunity to go wander aimlessly, without missing every detail, every backstreet – they are the focus of particular interest as far as they can break the secrets of a big city better than all the rest parts of Rome.

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Drinking water from the fountain
If you feel thirsty, you can easily buy water in the nearest shop. There is another, a little strange way out of this situation: try to drink water from the nearest fountain. You should know that Rome fountains contain water that is really worth drinking.
By the way, the most of touristic guides propose to try some really good water from the main city fountains. It is an ancient Italian tradition. But, what is the most safe and suitable, it is drinking water mostly from the central fountains – there is a little, but guarantee that water will be clean and safe.

Gelato ice-cream and nothing else
There is nothing better than ice-cream! Walking around Rome you should try to taste a home-made traditional food. Italian ice-cream, which is called Gelato, is widely thought as one of the best in the world. By the way, you can easily buy it in special cafés, so-called Gelateria all over the Rome.
Of course, the modern Gelato much differs from those ice-cream samples that were carefully served the table of Rome emperors, made of ice, honey, fruits and nuts. Many people, who tried Italian Gelato could noticed its rich aroma, full taste, and pleasant consistence. In very deed, Italian ice-cream tastes well because of both reasons: phenomenal tastiness and lifetime Italian experience…it is the case.

Taking pictures of la Bocca della Verita
Don’t forget to take pictures of la Bocca della Verita byno means. For those, who know nothing about this architectural monument, I can explain that this means a huge stony head with an opened mouth on it. The legend says that if the liar puts his hand into the stony mouth, the hand can be cut off. It is something, like lie detector, of course, if you believe in mythical narratives. One more thing, there is always a big number of seeking to get the stony monument.

Throwing the coin to come back
According the tradition it is important for all tourists to throw the coin into the city fountain. As a rule, there is one fountain, which is celled Fontana di Trevi, the most suitable for this purpose. You should do everything correct: turn your back on the water, close your eyes, and throw the coin with your right hand over the left shoulder. This is the golden key of your successful mission, as all the tourists say. Do you know that during the week this fountain sends the money in the sum of 11,000 EUR into the city budget? There is talk that all these money will be sent for charitable uses.


Drinking the tastiest coffee in the world
Coffee for Romans is not only a hot drink. It is a real ritual, life style, an important morning procedure. It is no surprise that people drink a lot of coffee here- it is tasty and cheap. This is true! The coffee in Rome tastes well. It would be better for everyone, who wants to spend the hours by talking and resting with friends, to drink it the little cafeteria with an eye to Old Rome.
You should visit Sant’Eustachio and Tazza d’Oro, two famous cafeterias not far from the Roman Pantheon. They really have the tastiest coffee in the world. There is one more thing to remember: waiting for your coffee you can try a various snacks for free. Remember that the cup of coffee costs no more than 1, 5 EUR, that’s why you shouldn’t spend much for pleasure.

Walking or driving – the choice is yours
Walking the Rome is as interesting as driving the car, or bus through the town. You can see a lot of amazing things through the window. The tickets cost about 1 EUR, giving an opportunity to see the sights and nature of Rome. There is another alternative to bus travelling – you can easily rent a car in the nearest service for moderate charge and use it for pleasure, giving a rest to your feet.

Visiting the Crypt of Capuchins
Don’t forget to visit the Museum and Crypt of Capuchins – the crypt of one of Catholicity orders. There are ancient bones of about 4500 people here and nobody knows their names. The Crypt is something like the inner cemetery, which is situated under the church. The other, alternative name of the Crypt is inside the Lower Church. Surely, it is going to be interesting and informative tour of history.

Rome is one of the oldest in existence cities of the world – the ancient capital of the Roman Empire. This city attracts the millions of tourists every year. The best way to learn the town is walking or driving a car. As the rule, the weather in Italy is warm and sunny, suggesting for spending much time outside. It seems that time has stopped in the 16 century here. Planning the trip, don’t forget to do the things that were pointed in this article. It will help to feel Italy in the best way.

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