Everything about Game Audio

Videogames without game audio are useless. Experts and studies have shown the importance of audio in games in several ways. No matter on which console you are playing whether it’s smartphone, tablet, portable, Personal computer or console etc. They have all sound within themselves. Moreover the experiment was done on students, a bunch of two groups was held on each group to play several games. First group will play with audio and the other will play without sound. So after getting closer to end the festival they have also connected their heartbeat, skin temperature, breathing wave and respiration rate to see exactly what the difference between them is. So after the event was came to an end, the analysis shows that the group of students who play with audio has better tactics in playing methods, high level of arousal and the combination for both respiration and heart rate was average and beating on normal scenario. And for those who play without sound was completely intense and vice versa to the whole case. It was 12 students in each group who held this competition, each group hold the strength of 6 students in them, whereas all participants experienced different rate level, playing tactics as well as with no issue of little or extreme experience as shown in studies.


Materials:Game audio is not just about creating a dialogue sound within themselves, various acts has been done from decades. As we see the more technology getting better in every perspective way the more Games are getting high level audio, graphics and reality. They also support the function of voice characters sound and music on screen play or on the background. Music really gets the gamers to involve in this case. The HIVE facility has almost produced the projection screen sound of 7.1 surrounding base sound. The combination of audio, voice of characters, other various sounds such as nature, animal grass etc. and most importantly the music provide such a great gaming experience for everyone who plays them.

However the participants who participate in different events and festivals for gaming also analyzed at the end of physical responses such as face expression and mood control etc. These physical responses are also linked with skin temperature, heart and breathing rate as well. First three games which were stimuli selected for players to involve all three major steps of audio are as under:

  • Osmos (Puzzle and strategy game which supports music and nature hearing in it).
  • Flat Out Total Carnage (Total package gaming experience for all gamers).
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Supports character voice rampage for the first time ever).

However there are so many games with countless genres now days, no doubt they are horror or racing etc. Each has its own perspective playing style with one another. Completely different in every case of field. Whereas Game audio has its own terms on them as well. As driving games all the way to first or third person shooters, players are not getting bored for a while.

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