Euphoria can be Yours with Magic Mushrooms

A mushroom trip can be a euphoric and transcendental experience. Reach a long lasting higher state of consciousness with a single trip. 

The psychedelic attributes of magic mushrooms can generate a trip that is intense and has a definite edge to it. The psilocybin and psilocin chemicals present in shrouds are similar to the chemical serotonin which is a chemical present in the human brain. They allow your mind to mimic the feeling of happiness and euphoria. This is because these mushrooms have a considerable effect on your central nervous system.


What is a magic mushroom trip like?

The mushrooms by themselves do not create hallucinations but promote an altered or distorted perception. The perception of our senses is considerably changed and mystical. There is a definite spiritual edge to the trip, making it a transcendental experience. The visions are vivid and highly psychedelic, making users immerse themselves in a different world.  Their senses are saturated and they start gaining an inner clarity that sharpens all senses and emotions. Even the simple process of eating has a different feel as tastes and colors are enhanced.

Those using magic mushrooms have a feeling that they are surrounded by psychedelic colors and patterns. Intense geometric patterns are visible in constant motion –sliding, morphing and rotating through complex shapes. Beyond this visual smorgasbord there is a different world of thoughts and emotions. The filter that is a barrier between your conscious and subconscious mind is switched off and thoughts flow with ease; overall, there is a huge sense of freedom.

You float into a dreamy state and your emotions gain clarity and depth. With ego and individuality at zero levels, your subconscious mind takes over and you are able to find innovative solutions to your problems. It is advisable to start small and gauge the intensity of the trip you experience. Then, adjust the dosage till you reach the right levels to gain optimum results. If you experience nausea or an upset stomach you may consider steeping the mushrooms as tea and drinking the same.

The factors that determine a good magic mushroom trip

You must also take into account that the setting is of utmost importance. A positive setting can be the precursor of a good trip and a negative setting can lead to very bad experiences. A trip on magic mushrooms is very much dependent on the environment it is set up in and the time frame should be correctly mapped for best results.

You should approach the experience with an open mind and be ready to let loose. The spiritual edge cannot be discounted if you are in a frame of mind that is conducive to transcendental meditation or thought. There is every possibility that your spiritual core is energized and enhanced.


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