How to Ensure Your Business Parcels Are Sent On Time Every Time

One thing customers expect these days is speed! When they place an order with a business, they want their goods as soon as possible. This means, when it comes to selling and shipping, businesses really have to be on the ball. So how can your business ensure its parcels are sent on time, every time?

Woman hand accepting a delivery of boxes from deliveryman

It starts with excellent organisation

If you want to ensure parcels get sent out on time, you’re going to need a good, efficient system. This means, any orders that are placed are instantly recorded and sent to the appropriate department. If you’re organising deliveries by yourself, you’ll need to ensure any details on new orders are checked frequently.

So, start by analysing the system you use now. Is it fast enough? Does it allow you to quickly store and send delivery information quickly and easily? If not, now’s the time to make changes!

Make use of addressing software

There are a lot of great tools you can use to streamline your delivery service. One thing that’s definitely worth investing in is addressing software. This automatically checks that customer delivery addresses are correct. Why does that matter so much? Because if the addresses are wrong, it’s going to really slow down the delivery and in some cases cause them to fail to be delivered. It’s surprising just how many businesses don’t check customer addresses before orders are shipped out.

Choose a reliable courier

Of course, the main thing that’s going to determine just how quickly your parcels are delivered is the courier company you choose to work with. A lot of businesses focus primarily on cheap prices, rather than reputation.

The trouble with this is, while you will initially save money when shipping parcels out, you’ll actually lose money and customers in the long term. Remember, the service the customer receives from the courier is the last impression they’re going to have of your business. So, if the courier driver is late, rude, just leaves the parcel anywhere or fails to deliver the parcel, it’s going to reflect poorly on you. Always opt for a courier that’s reliable and known for getting parcels delivered quickly such as InXpress

Overall, ensuring parcels are delivered on time, every time takes a lot of organisation and planning. It’s vital you have a good initial ordering system in place, as well as ensuring you’re using the best, professional courier service.

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