Energy Flow Meters

Energy conservation and environmental safeguards are of great interest to most progressive corporations. To assure the efficiency and effectiveness of compressed air systems, the measurement of flow is crucial. Everyone knows that CO2 is responsible for the global warming. This is why the flow measurement is paramount for an effective monitoring of energy consumption. When energy is a scarce resource and environmental protection is an issue for all; utilizing an energy low meter would help keep track of energy consumption at all times. It significantly helps to analyze systems in terms of consumption and leak detection to help reduce the energy consumption and cost.


You can seamlessly use the Kamstrup distributors to improve efficiency and deliver a quality service to client every time. Note that the measurement, monitoring and control of your energy system remains the key to making valuable savings to your resource usage and overall costs thus increasing efficiency.

Kamstrup distributors are always a dependable equipment employ by both commercial and private users of energy flow meters. It is always beneficial to know that the costs of compressed air can be split into the investment of equipment (compressor, dryer, etc.), the cost of maintenance and the cost of energy.

The products available all work perfectly with all giving you an outstanding performance. You can save your company a huge sum of time, and energy by ordering your Kamstrup energy flow meters from 247able.

247able is a leading supplier and installer of energy flow meters in the UK. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. We have a wide range of energy flow meters, the products include chemical flow meters, variable area rotameters, turbine flow meters, slight flow indicators and oil flow meters. You can always contact us via the address on our website.

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