Energy booster Mucuna Pruriens and therole of dopamine

4-(2-Aminoethyl) benzene-1, 2-diol or Dopamine is an organic chemical that belongs to the phenethylamine and catecholamine group which plays an important role in your brain and body. For brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter that is released by neurons for sending impulses or signals to other nerves. Dopamine is synthesized by removing a carboxyl group from a molecule of L-DOPA, which is its precursor chemical. This L-DOPA is also synthesized in brain and kidneys. Several multicellular plants like Mucuna Pruriens. Mucuna Pruriens is used as a natural brain supplement that helps in enhancing your mood, also protecting and keeping your brain healthy. The stress that people are facing in their day to day life often results in turning down the mood making them rude and aggressive at times. Mucuna Pruriens is the best medication to cure such fluctuation of mood. It gets converted into dopamine that helps in boosting your mood making you active and fun loving.pta

Functions of Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is believed to possess a neuroprotective effect on the brain and body, reducing the chances and signs of aging. The elevated levels of dopamine and norepinephrine helps in boosting mood, increasing focus, attention, energy, stress control, fertility and motivation. The presence of dopamine acts as a protective agent in reducing the chances of Parkinson’s disease. It helps in increasing Testosterone, the quality of sperm and reduction of cortisol in stressed men. Supplements of Mucuna Pruriens are the best for boosting sexual functions increasing male endurance and libido in both women and men, successively eliminating the need for any other sexual medicines. The anti-oxidant elements present in the supplements are capable enough for removing toxic and poisonous compounds from the body making it immune. Mucuna Pruriens gets converted to dopamine which helps to calm down the nerves of the brain promoting alpha brain waves for better stress free functioning.

Side effects of having Mucuna Pruriens

Those who prefer natural or herbal nootropics over the synthetic products are likely to opt for Mucuna Pruriens which is safe enough eliminating the chances of side effects that the synthetic products have. However Mucuna Pruriens supplements cannot be declared devoid of side effects as chances of headaches, nausea, vomiting, and insomnia are associated with it. According to researchers, these side effects are common to those taking excessively high dosage of Mucuna’s supplements. It is recommended to consume only the extracted products as the direct consumption of raw leaves and plant stem may result in severe itching problem.

Usage and Dosage

As per doctors the daily dosage should be between 200-500mg and should not exceed above 500mg in case of those having it for the first time. The dosage can increase by a minimum percentage if the original consumption level is not able to give effective results. Mucuna Pruriens supplements or products come in both powdered extract form orin the form of tablets and capsules. The powdered extract can be consumed either by blending with water or any fluid or by consuming it with food to ensure its complete digestion. It is always recommended to avoid Mucuna Pruriens powder which is not irradiated.

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