No matter men or women all love embroidery work. This gives a unique look to your dresses. With the advancement, there has been seen advancements in these trends as well. In the beginning, embroidery was found mainly on female dresses but now male dresses are also widely embroidered including kurta, shirts, jackets, jeans, etc. There are various designing techniques used for embroidery. These include direct embroidery, patch embroidery, use of beads, pearls, etc. sometimes people ask which option is better to go with, whether it is embroidered patches that will look more beautiful or just direct embroidery work will be more ok. To answer this question about the selection here are given details of embroidered patches vs. direct embroidery



Embroidered logos can be applied in many ways to any piece of cloth whether it is shirt, jacket, or some other wearable. Most commonly known are embroidered patches and direct patches. These two are not the same. People may not easily understand their difference because patches come embroidered whereas people consider that it is the direct embroidery that is the patched one. The main difference is with respect to the application of image on a shirt.


Indirect Embroidery Embroidered logos are directly applied to caps, bags, polo shirts and other items. When direct embroidery is sued, items that need embroidery are placed in the hoop and then put into the embroidery machine. The logo is then directly embroidered on the shirt. More accurate words would be that logos are embroidered such that they become parts of respective fabrics. This occurs as embroidery work which is directly woven into the fabrics like described over here on https://www.divinecrafts.eu/


Patches are the embroidered images. These are embroidered onto substrates of materials often numbers at times and not individually that is done in direct embroidery. These patches lay upon the fabric`s top and are sewn on or ironed.  Patch`s most common use is upon sleeves of the public safety workers like police, firefighters, and paramedics.


  • There are many advantages of using patches, the most important and beneficial one is that these can be removed and placed from one to another shirt. In case of direct embroidery, it is therefore time consuming and difficult to remove or pull out embroidered logos without any damage.
  • There is also a difference in the flexibility for embroidering in more details. Patch`s substrate is more stable than the material of shirts due to which it offers flexibility for embroidering small details & texts upon images than the direct embroidery.
  • Patches are however heavier when compared with direct embroidery work. These also seem heavy when placed upon shirts and are hence not very much comfortable than direct embroidery.

•    Perceived value of patches is lower than those of direct embroidery. The majority of people do not want wearing patches on their golf shirts. These patches are used best for situations like a military, law enforcement or branding situations that promote the country.

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