Embrace Your Curves with a Trendy New Waist High Bikini

There are flattering swimsuits out there for every woman of every body type — even trendy new bikinis. Women of all body types have cause to celebrate thanks to new trends in the fashion world that not only embrace but also celebrate curvier women and plus sizes. The fashion industry is embracing plus sizes these days — thanks in large part to the efforts of certain plus size models like the lovely Ashley Graham. It’s shameful that so many women have been made to feel that they are not beautiful just because they wear larger than a size 8. Luckily, the fashion industry is no longer as quick to body shame someone for not being a size 0 or 2, or for not being shaped a certain way. And with different advocates and manufacturers who care about all women, there are more swimsuit styles than ever that will allow you to hit the pool and beach in style while feeling confident and beautiful.

According to experts, finding the best swimsuit for your body type is easily done if you know what works for your body type; otherwise, the general rule is to maintain balance between the upper and lower areas of your body. Also, when in doubt, remember that high waist bikinis normally do the trick of expanding your torso, thereby creating a slimming look. Retailers now more than ever are embracing the bold and beautiful world of plus size swimwear, from tankinis and skirtinis, to sundresses and waist high bikinis.


Many of these retailers are to be found online, where there is no department store or big box overhead, which allows for more selection.A few select plus size online retailers— such as swimsuitsforall — specialize in highly fashionable swimsuits for women who are sizes 8 to 34. They offer the most fashionable and trendy designs for plus-sized women because they care, and they want their customers to feel great about themselves. This company also has teamed up with Ashley Graham, who is an advocate and supermodel for plus-sized females the world over. If you want to see the lineup of sexy plus size swimwear hand selected by Ashley, check out swimsuitsforall.com/Bikinis-Swimwear-D where you can browse the entire selection at your leisure from the comfort of your couch or office chair.

Ashley’s newest collection is simply jawdropping, and according to The Daily Mail, this past May, she ushered in the new curvy girl era, and she urged women of all sizes and shapes to embrace their natural bodies with confidence and try on a new waist high bikini. Along with the trendsetters at swimsuitsforall, Ashley Graham has proven to be new voice for this once niche but ever growing market.

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