Eight Types of Coleman Camping Equipment You Do Not Want to Venture Into The Wilderness Without

When you think of camping equipment, the word Coleman immediately comes to mind. Since the introduction to the marketplace of the signature Coleman Lantern, the company has been making wilderness adventures safer and more comfortable.

However, there are now far more varieties of Coleman camping equipment than just that simple lantern! If you are planning a camping trip, here are eight types of Coleman camping equipment that you definitely will not want to be without.


1 – Coleman Tents

Coleman has a wide variety of tents, ranging from small to large. On the small side, there is the Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade, a tent that is meant to provide comfort merely while resting for one person, or possibly two at the most. It is not intended to provide shelter.

Moving up in size are two person tents, such as the Sundome, which can accommodate one or two people. Then, there are four person tents, such as the Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent, which can accommodate a family or other group of four people.

On the larger side, there are tents which can accommodate anywhere from eight to fourteen people. Examples of these large-scale tents include 14 By 10 Foot Instant Eight Person Tent, The Montana Eight model, and the Rainfly For Coleman Eight Person Tent.

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2 – Coleman Coolers

Coleman offers a variety of large and small coolers to keep your food at a safely cool temperature. These coolers come in hard models, such as the 100 Quart XTreme Wheel Cooler, and flexible models, such as the 16 Can Soft Cooler For Sodas.


3 – Coleman Inflatable Beds

Coleman offers easy to inflate beds, such as the Coleman Quickbed. People who value additional comfort can opt for the Coleman Double High Quickbed.


4 – Coleman Food Preparation And Cleanup Equipment

Coleman offers a wide variety of grills and barbeques meant for camping, such as the Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE. For cleanup purposes after the meal, Coleman offers, even more, products, such as the Coleman PVC Double Sided Wash Basin.


5 – Coleman Lanterns

Lanterns are Coleman’s flagship product, and they still offer many modern iterations of the classic Coleman lantern. Some examples are the Coleman MicroPacker Miniature Battery Lantern and the extremely useful Coleman Tent Light.


6 – Coleman Safety Equipment

The priority in any trip out into the wilderness is not having fun (although that is important) – it is returning safely. Coleman is committed to the safety of its customers while they are on their wilderness journeys, as illustrated by products such as the Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit.


7 – Coleman Sleeping Bags

Coleman offers a wide variety of models of sleeping bags to suit a broad range of temperature and softness and support preferences. Some examples of the models that they offer are the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag for Cool Weather, the Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag for Cool Weather, and the Coleman Trinidad Forty To Sixty Degree Sleeping Bag.


8 – Coleman Portable Seating Equipment

When you are camping or hiking, sometimes you want to take a rest. With Coleman portable chairs, such as the Coleman Cooler Quad Chair, you are all set to do exactly that!

When you are planning a camping trip and making a shopping list for your gear, think of Coleman camping equipment first. They are the premier name in camping equipment, with a long and storied history of making camping trips of all sizes fun, safe, and comfortable!

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