Eight best android apps 2016 that makes your life easy

pexels-photoIn this fast paced era, with the availability of smartphones, multiple things have become possible to do. For instance, free video calls, free messaging, free guidance for weight loss and much more. Thank to the android operating system and then to android apps developers to make our life so much easy through providing various apps for our guidance.

  1. Citymapper: This app is incredibly awesome as it helps to navigate the biggest cities in Europe and United States. Citymapper pulls in data from the local public transit & puts maps as well as directions at your fingertips. You can use it even when you are not connected to the internet as it works offline also. This android app is the best application to guide you the ways and paths and locations of the United States and Europe. It connects with Hailo and Uber to help you get rides around town.
  2. Flipboard: It is a social-network aggregation magazine-format android application localized in 20+ languages. Flipboard is a very famous app available for android and as well as for iOS. On freeezone360.com/ I found this great app with its description in which it was written that it collects content from certain websites and social media, presents it in the magazine format & allows its users to flip through websites feeds and social networking feeds which are partnered with the company. Flipboard is developed by Flipboard, Inc., which is a US-based software company that was founded in year 2010 by Evan Doll and Mike McCue and its headquarter is in Palo Alto, California.
  3. Yahoo News Digest: It pulls different stories from the news sources & makes them easy to read, by pulling out the key bits of content from each & sticking them together. On Yahoo News Digest the stories are delivered twice a day, one at 8am and another at 6pm, via a very initiative and impressive user interface. This app is very much useful for the users who want to be aware of 24-hour news cycle.
  4. Google Now Launcher: The app has been developed by google for those who are having boredom of seeing the same interface for a long time. The launcher make your android phone rid of the widgets and applications sections in apps menu, rather putting widgets into a separate menu users access by holding finger down on home screen. Icons have a new look and the interface requires zero extra customization, zero effort.
  5. Shazam: It is the original name-that-tune application. When you install it you are then able to use it to identify, or to tag a song that plays within earshot for dedication to someone. Shazam had been hampered by a downright bad interface for long period. Now with the new update it is redesigned and features effective and simple functionality that gets attractive packaging which it really deserves.
  6. Yelp: Its core service is to provide reviews and detailed information of businesses. With the help of Yelp the users can search for shops & restaurants even find out if business is currently open or closed. The users also get directions to site, see the photos of what’s inside & read tips and reviews about the business.
  7. SoundHound: It is an android app that allows you to search and discover music. It is basically a music identifying app as it recognizes the music you are listening to, it shows the music title, singer’s name, album, song lyrics and more recommended songs displayed at the bottom.
  8. The Sunrise Calendar: It has clean user-interface that carries over to all the major platforms. It provides consistent experience which works with Google, Exchange and iCloud. The new update includes more functionality with addition of supported applications such as Evernote and TripIt so that the users can get travel plans & reminders all within the same app. The app’s interface is easy to navigate.

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