Eating habits to treat cystic acne

how to cure cystic acne fast

Billions of people are suffering from cystic acne and they want an instant cure to prevent the acne. For this they try many things on their faces but did not get satisfied results. Diet is the natural way to get rid of acne permanently. By changing the eating habits to can get better results without any side effects. Here are some dietary tips for how to cure acne:

Drink natural and pure water:

As we know our body made up of 70% of water so it is necessary to drink plenty of water in a day. Adults need 64 ounces of water every day. As much as you drink water it will keep your skin hydrated and help to flush out the chemicals which cause acne.


Apply pure yogurt:

Pure yogurt has vitamin A which helps to cure the acnes and stop them for occurring again. Try to apply it on your face in the morning and leave it for just two minutes and then wash off your face with warm water than dry.

Eat fresh fruits:

Like blueberries, blackberries or raspberries they are mouth watering and the great source of anti-oxidants, also an agent of skin healing like beta-carotene. Use them fresh and handful amount in your diet.

Use watermelon crust:

Source of vitamins, eat the watermelon and soak with cool water, smoothly massage with the outer layer on your face. It has the same vitamins that you ate and has anti oxidants to cure and smooth your skin.

Not only drink but apply Lemon juice:

It’s a treatment which you can apply on your skin. For that what you need to do is, mix a small amount of lemon juice with a teaspoon of crushed sugar and gently rub it on your moist skin. This will treat your acne and the scars become paler. Be careful before applying this mixture check it by applying this on your inner arm because many people have reaction to this blend.

Simple and instant Green tea

Green tea has anti inflammatory chemicals and it’s a great source of anti oxidants. It will help in inflammation, redness and pain of acne, and reduce the chances of future breakouts. It’s easily available.

Consume whole grains:

Like breads, pastas and cereals etc are a big source of selenium. It’s a chemical that help to preventing the acne. That must include in your daily life.

Milk intake:

Cow’s milk is a foundation of both vitamin A and D. these vitamins are beneficial for healthy glowing skin. For females it’s a immense supply of calcium. That woman needs a lot at any rate.

Valuable Olive oil:

Olive oil has huge amount of mono-saturated fats and it’s also found in sesame oil, which provide the greasy acids you need to nourish your skin and keep it healthy and clear of acne.

Green and fresh Cucumber:

Cucumber have huge amount of water and vitamin C and fiber, which helps in eliminates the skin redness, puffiness and acne scars.

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