Easy ways on how to take off acrylic nails

If you are just tired of your old fashioned acrylic nails and thinking how to take off acrylic nails then you are welcome here as we now just depart to start the journey of learning of removing the acrylic nails. So, it’s a tough time when you don’t get a right solution and you just feel down while treating your nails. There are several solutions to this but, some are good to try. This is a long term and tiresome process and we need to deliver here a quick procedure.

So, let’s begin while not to think of going to the salon and just keep your money save to spent it on having next new and unique acrylic nails again.

Acetone solution:

The acetone you may get from anywhere from even the drugstore or from the market. You just need to know here how to handle this acetone as it is a flammable solution. The acetone you used to get rid of an acrylic nail is a good way to avoid a salon visit. However, if you know that your skin is sensitive then you must not give it a try anyway.

Take acetone in a glass bowl and take the aluminum foil and cotton with you. Dip your nails into the acetone solution for a couple of minutes just to relax the sticking intensity of the nails.

Now, how to take off acrylic nails completely after dipping your nails into the acetone. So, take out the small pieces of cotton and small pieces of foil. Then dip the cotton in the acetone and place it on your nail then wrap a piece of foil. Repeat the same procedure on every nail and after that leave your nails for 15 to 20 minutes.

Remove the foil and then remove the acrylic nails.

Tip: cut the tip of your nails before starting this process. It will help in removing the nails fast.

Flossing of nails:

The flossing of teeth you have heard many times but now there is a flossing of nails too. How to take off acrylic nails with the flossing method? It’s really easy to floss the nail. Take also acetone to soft the nail. While cut your nail tips before initiating the flossing. Remember one thing that you cannot floss your nails yourself. You will be needed the help of someone perhaps your friend or your sister.

Take a flossing thread and afterwards, start to floss your nail from the upper tip of the nail. Do the flossing slowly and try to pull it upward! Slowly the nail will leave the place.

Tip: Floss thread should not be more than 12 inches lengthy. Wrap it round on your finger twice fold.

Self-to-do removing kit:

There is also a kit called self-kit available in the market for the women who want to save the extra money of salon to just to take off acrylic nails at home. Then I would advise here them to use this kit. This kit has all the necessary equipment from acetone or removing solution to the flossing thread of standard length and all other instructions.

You just need to buy it read the instructions and go ahead to get your natural nail bed see once again.

Filing the nail:

The nails can be filed with filer to remove the excess part of the acrylic nail. This is considered another way to remove the acrylic nails very fast. Because when you file your nails’ surface then it will become thin and as soon as it will become thin it will easy for an acetone solution to melt the acrylic nails quick.

Finally, now you have several ways that will fix the problem of how to take off acrylic nails. Here, I would advise you to remember some precautionary measure in your mind. Never do the acrylic nails treatment at hoe if you know that your nail bed was not in good condition at the time when you were taking the treatment of acrylic nails.

Also, you should pay a visit to the salon and nail specialist for removing your acrylic nails to avoid any injury and damage to your nail bed. Nothing is more important than your own being.

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