Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning the complete home is a tedious, time consuming and boring task but it has to be done thoroughly at least once in a month. In order to clean the house comprehensively, it may take several hours and even a whole day but once the effort is done, all the chaos and fatigue done to clean is totally worth it!

Make sure you do your work from inside to outside or from top to bottom. This way it will help in the literal cleaning of the house. Once you are done with a room, the dirt will have little chances to move back into the rooms. Before starting the cleanup make sure you go into every room and you analyze the things that need to be cleaned. Distinguish between things that will require more work in cleaning as compared to the others which will need a light touch of cleaning.


Divide the room into a grid. This way the whole room will be easier to clean and every item in the room will fall into perspective. You can for example say that the bed and the side tables (if you have any) lie in the same grid thus when I clean any one of these, I will have to clean the rest of the items in the grid as well. Once you are done with cleaning one of the portions or the grid of the room, move on to the next and carry on until you are done with the room.


It is better to work on a single room at a time. Do not start working on various things and rooms at the same time. Be slow but be thorough, methodical and detailed. Leave out nothing.


Start with the rooms which are farthest away from the door or the stairs. Initially dust every surface that you can find. Then put magazines, books, newspapers and etc. in correct order. Pile them up. Or put them in the shelves if there are any available. If it is a bedroom you are cleaning and the bed has a crown in it make sure that you dust off it as well. You may use any microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust. If you want to use a small vacuum which are widely and easily available, use it instead. It will suck up all the dust from the top of the furniture.

Once you are done with the dusting, start vacuuming the whole place. If you have a carpet in your room make sure you clean it properly. Carpets are comparatively harder to clean and require more effort than other floors. If you have rugs or other such stuff in the room then roll it up and vacuum beneath it as well. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture around the room. If you can cover the furniture up with sheets, do it. This will keep the furniture free of dust and clean as well.


Kitchen is an important part of the house that needs to be cleaned not only because the cleanliness gives it a good look but also because it is essential for good health. Thus while cleaning the kitchen it is essential to be extra vigilant and thorough.

First of all make sure that you have no dirty dishes in your sink. If you have any make sure you wash them or put them in the dishwasher before you clean anything else in the kitchen.

Start off by wiping the counters. Make sure you use a dry cloth or sponge that will absorb all kinds of moisture from it. Throw any kind of dust or dirt present on the counter to the ground. Once you are done with the counters, clean the sink. Scrub it thoroughly and use sponges and metal mush as well if the stains do not come off easily.

When done with all the wiping and the cleaning on the surface bring out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum it. If there are tiles in the kitchen, vacuuming isn’t that hard. So just do it.

Once you are done with the vacuuming and if you have chips or tiles on the floor, grab a mop dip it in some water and cleaning agent and mop the whole floor. Make sure that all the stains that might be present on the floor get off. This will help in absorbing all the dust which was left over by the vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning the bathrooms is a very unpleasant and tedious task. But they need to be cleaned as well. Of course washing the toilets is one of the major tasks. Scrub them thoroughly. Rub the surface until it is all shiny and nice. You may use any kinds of foams with some cleaning agent on it. Once done, scrub and clean all the faucets and showers in the washroom. If you have a bathtub, clean it from the inside and the outside as well.

If you have tiles or chips on the floor, vacuum and then mop them as well. This will give it a cleaner look. Use a glistening cleaner to clean the mirror; this will help in cleaning it. Without the glistening agent the glass will not be clear and neat.

Small Motivation!

Cleaning the home is not an easy job and that is a well-known fact but it is a very important task if you would like to keep your home healthy and neat. A clean home gives peace of mind to the people who live in it. It also saves us from embarrassing ourselves in front of people who come over unannounced. Things are present in an organized way so we do not have to look for them around the house. Mess can be controlled. A fresh look is always present in the house hence it is very necessary to clean the house regularly and that to, thoroughly.

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