Easy Tips for to Hire Quality Movers

There are so many moving companies in Okotoks that it may seem to be impossible to find a reliable mover for cooperation. But if you have a closer look at the issue, you will see that with several tips from professionals the whole process becomes clear. So we offer you these hints to hire a reliable and quality mover for your relocation.


  1. No phone negotiations

It is of utmost importance to remember that no reliable moving company will offer its services via phone calls, so no phone inventories or estimates. Remember that even the most professional company cannot evaluate the volume of your move without checking everything.

  1. Look for more than a glance

Another thing about the estimation process is scrupulosity of the mover. According to Calgarymovers.net in Okotoks, a good moving company will walk through all the rooms, backyard, and basements spaces, make a list of all items to be moved, consider your location and complexity of loading process and only after that write you an estimate. If a mover after a 5 minute glance hands you a paper, feel suspicious about its professionalism.

  1. No large deposits

When you cooperate with a professional moving company you are not to pay any deposits at all. But some companies prefer to also feel protected and so require their customers to pay some deposit. In this case, professional Canmore movers will ask you to freeze some amount of money or sign some papers, but no reliable mover will ask you for a cash deposit, especially a large one. If a company asks for such a thing, it is highly advised to stop your cooperation with it.

  1. One name for the whole move

When you are hiring a mover in Okotoks you rely on the fact that this company will be actually performing your move, so you expect it to out its name on all papers. But a lot of companies today, unfortunately, hire sub-contractors to move your belongings because they can save money on that while you will be dealing with less reliable and basically unknown movers. Make sure that on the paper you have the name of the company you were discussing all issues too, and that on the moving day workers of this company come to your home. If any of these two points is not correct, stop the whole process until you find out the situation.

  1. Get references and recommendations

The easiest way to hire really good Canmore movers is to ask your friends, family, co-workers, and even neighbors about the experiences they had with moving companies. Listen to both positive and negative references they give to find the really best mover in the area.

Once you have find several names you consider working with, ask these movers to provide you a list of references from their previous customers. You can call those people and ask direct questions about the experiences they had with a given company.

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