Ease US Partition Master Free to Resize/Move/Delete Partitions

EaseUS Partition Master incorporates a mixture of apportioning elements, recovery help and the capacity to duplicate an allotment or even your whole hard drive onto another hard drive. EaseUS Partition Master offers essential apportioning elements, for example, making and erasing allotments, alongside the capacity to resize and union segments. When you resize or move a segment, there is no setup wizard to walk you through the procedure. At the point when utilizing EaseUS Partition Master, you can likewise actuate a particular segment or stow away and unhide partitions.

Prior to any progressions to the partitions and hard drive are connected, you must affirm or fix the change. EaseUS Partition Master is designed for any computer user who needs more partitioning power than the Windows native Disk Management.

Ease US Partition Master Free Edition

Information Backup and Restore

Your PC stores important information that would be a staggering misfortune if infections taint the gadget or the PC crashes. The recovery wizard, accessible on the EaseUS Partition Master, recoups information and allotments that may be lost. The wizard makes you through a stride by-step procedure to rearrange the recouping procedure.

There are certain limitations of disk manager in the windows OS. EaseUS partition master helps us to solve the problem easily. The disk and partition duplicate wizard is another element accessible to make your segment supervisor programming more effective. This wizard makes it workable for you to duplicate your information onto another segment or even a different hard drive. Utilizing this wizard, you can perform a few key errands. One such undertaking is parcel duplicate, where you can duplicate information record by-document, go down data on a GPT circle, and duplicate and resize segments.


EaseUS Partition Master gives a defragmentation highlight. This element will rearrange divided documents consecutively on your hard drive. Defragmentation of your hard drive is imperative to accelerating your PC and enhancing your PC’s execution. When you first open the defragmentation include, a menu is accessible to clarify what defragmentation is and how it will advantage you. The defragmentation procedure is easy and requires no work on your part. Contingent upon how divided your information is, this procedure ought to be moderately brisk and effortless.

You can check your documents and segments for any mistakes utilizing the disk space test. By selecting this element, this disk management software checks your framework to locate any lost or harmed information. This product additionally offers you a lot of data and supportive reports about your hard drive’s parcels and the information contained inside of them. A few separate components permit you to see the information inside chose documents.

The system will sometimes give out signal automatically, such as the “Low Disk Space” warning and there might be a notification indicating that there is not enough free disk space to complete the installation when you try to upgrade the utilities.  How to increase disk space when your system shows such warnings? Increase disk space by cleaning the disk clean up utility. Or else Increase disk space by extending partition. But before you do, take the backup of the system. If you need to delete a partition, you can read this guide, ”how to delete a partition”.


Despite the fact that EaseUS Partition Master doesn’t offer a lot of errand situated wizards to guide you through regulated procedures, this segment administrator programming is easy to use and exceedingly proficient.


The EaseUS Partition Master offers eminent apportioning and strong extra components. The absence of specialized bolster and propelled reinforcement settings are all that kept this parcel chief programming out of our number one spot. On the other hand, an extensive choice of components and the easy to use interface place EaseUS Partition Master close to the top and make it hard to beat.

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