Dublin TOP 5 secret places you cannot find in a guide-book

Dublin is the biggest and the most important city of the green island. It is very atmospheric and colorful. That is why we propose to you visiting TOP 5 secret places that are difficult to find in the usual touristic program and guide-book. The city is not big, but it is still the main political, financial and cultural center of Ireland. The historical part of Dublin with its castles, towers, cute houses looks like a tale town. Of course, you cannot meet super futuristic tower-buildings, but there are lots of green colors and fresh air here.


House number 29
Do you want to know how the typical Dublin family lived? Follow my advice and visit The house number 29 – an urban life museum of 1790-1820 years. It is situated in a typical house of Georgian era – the thousands of families lived in the houses like that. It is interesting to learn history of ancient Dublin through the life of one of them.
The house was built in 1794 by merchant’s widow. There is a kitchen on the ground floor. The heart of it is a fireplace with the cattle and pots on it. There is also a room of steward, who controlled everything and everyone in the house. The first floor begins with the front door for guests and back door for servants. There is also a dining-room with the chic ceiling lamp in the middle.
You can find living-room with a big fireplace and beautiful pictures on the walls around on the second floor. The third floor meets everyone with the nice bedrooms and boudoir. The servants’ rooms and children’s room are situated on the crawl place. There are lots of details, furniture and other interior subjects, speaking about people’s life.
Address: 29 Lower Fitzwilliam Street

Leprechauns’ museum
All the world countries have a special fairy-tale character, which is mostly used for scaring naughty children. This is a leprechaun is Ireland. It is a gnome dressed in green with the big pot of gold. All leprechauns are tricksters – there is no one, who could catch at least one of them.
National Leprechauns’ Museum is situated on the cross of Jervis and Middle Abbey. There are lots of interesting things in it. There is one special room, so-called Giants’ Path with the huge chairs instead of stones. Anyway, you can easily feel like a real small leprechaun here.
The next room is exciting of the real rainbow in the middle. It was told that this rainbow leads to that place, where you can find a pot full of golden coins. Thus, the museum is a fairy place for both, children and their parents, who still believe in magic.
Address: Twilfit House, Jervis Street, 1

James Joyce Bridge
As you know, Dublin is situated on the river Liffey. The river flows through the very city center. There are lots of bridges here. Each of them has its own history and special features. James Joyce Bridge is the most beautiful of them, as many locals said.
James Joyce is a famous English-speaking writer. Irish people like his works very much. There is a monument of this prominent person in the center of Dublin, and the most beautiful bridge was named after him. Moreover, one of Joyce’s characters lived just not far from that place.
There are some more facts: the bridge was built in 2003 according to the project of Spanish architecture Santiago Calatrava. The length of passage is about 41 meter with any additional footings. There are a wide road and nice cozy benches for tired footers.
Address: South Quay to Blackhall, Blackhall Place


Shelbourne Park
Irish people love both, animals and sweepstakes. These two passions were gathered together – dog racing. There are 19 racing tracks here. Dublin is a place of two famous stadiums – Harold’s Cross and Greyhound Stadium. Both of them are situated in Shelbourne Park. That is why if you want to feel a hot-tempered Irish nature – welcome to Shelbourne.
The dog-racing are conducted almost every day. The stadiums, as a rule, are not big, but full of cafes and sweepstakes. You can easily eat something traditional, drink beer and listen to the stories about outsiders in order to make a free choice. The minimum rate is 2 EUR.
The race is always a sea of emotions. Nevertheless, the event is risky and hot-tempered. A lot of people come here with the whole family and kids. So, dog racing is a local family fun in Ireland.
Address: South Lotts Rd, Ringsend

Post museum
It is a small, but very informative and cozy museum, situated in the Central Dublin Post Office. The exhibition consists of three main parts. The first part is devoted to stamps. If you know nothing about stamp-collecting, you can learn a lot of interesting things here. The stamps are like a miracle of history. It is possible to follow the same way that Irish society was following many years ago. Besides, you will learn what the methods and materials to make the stamps Irish people had, comparing with our days.
The second part of the museum is a typical Irish post office installation. You can meet special equipment that people used for mail delivering in different time periods. There is an opportunity to listen to famous interesting stories of Irish postmen about their work.
The third part of the museum speaks about important Irish history page – Easter uprising. This event became the beginning of Irish independence. Sunny and peaceful Irish people bear little resemblance to revolutionists. Nevertheless, at that uprising period the Central Post Office and City Telegraph are the first things that were captured in 1916.
Most significantly, Post Museum is not a gathering of dusty exhibit items. This is the modern interactive exhibition. You can enjoy if just for 2 EUR.
Address: General Post Office, O’Connell Street

Now, there is some information about transport. Renting a car is always the best variant for tourists, travelling in a big company or with children. All you should know about transport privileges and rules you can learn from the polite manager just in the airport. The other way, you can use electrical trains or city buses. Taxi prices are really high – try to avoid them.

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