Do you want to be part of providing a web host service?

A number of media and digital marketing companies are going extra lengths to help their clients succeed and stand-out online, especially before Christmas. An especially popular venture is becoming a hosting reseller!

When a business becomes a hosting reseller this means it can offer hosting packages to clients, as well as other services. After all, when people contact digital agencies, they are often looking for the full package – with a provision of website hosting often expected.


Therefore, if you are part of a digital marketing business, why not bring the best to your clients and keep them provided with great hosting?  Being able to sort the host is the ultimate way to do justice to the websites you are working on, after all.

What should I look for when reselling hosting?

You’ll need the support of a quality host reselling company, with accounts to support you. Within this you should expect:

  • A good number of domains
  • Generous disk storage
  • A range of databases
  • Strong email account arrangements
  • Accessibility and control panel function

The host with the most

Many web design and  marketing agencies are already doing what it takes to bring great hosting to their clients, and you can too when you have the right provider. Fortunately a prime example of a company offering host reselling services is UKHost4U. They are experts in the industry and know how important it is for others to extend the benefits of hosting. They offer a range of packages to suit various business needs, and are well-recognised for the quality and informative nature of their provisions. For more information you can visit their website directly or call to speak to a friendly member of the team on – 0800 788 0788 – now.

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