Do You Have to Deadhead Petunias?

Petunias are among the most populous garden flowers. They are inexpensive, easy to take care of, and fills the garden with various flowers at all times. It is unfortunate to note that the blossoms die off quickly leaving you the job of deadheading. Do you know how to deadhead petunias? If you want to avoid green stems that lack blossoms and keep the garden productive and colourful, you need to keep deadheading your petunias.

Why should you remove spent petunias flowers? The life of plants involves self-reproduction and petunias creates blossoms for producing seeds. Once the blossom gets brown and falls off, the plant uses its energy to create a pod full of seeds. If you clip the pod off via deadheading, the plant will once again start the whole process. Learning how to deadhead petunias is a simple task for your garden. Deadheading info consists of two rules being; clipping the blooms off after turning brown and cutting the stem above the following set of leaves.

You can teach your children this task so that you can keep the busy in the garden. You can also remove them by pinching by use of the thumbnails. However, it is quite easy to use gardening shears, snips or a pair of scissors. Deadheading them through the season tricks them into reproducing flowers in the place of seeds, keeping them neat through the season. Leggy petunias benefit from heavy pruning in the midst of the growing season. Maintaining them on a regular basis ensures that you possess healthy, vibrant petunia flowers all season long.

The procedure is quite simple because you need first to identify the dead or withered petunia flowers because some may be containing seed pods already. You will then have to trim the spent petunias stem below the flower base with pruning shears or scissors. All flower parts need removal, but some parts of the stem can remain. You need to do this once per week for the plant to get recovery time. It is advisable to prune the plant by half its length when it seems overgrown or leggy, especially in the middle of the summer.

How long does celery last?

Celery is a marsh plant that has been serving as a vegetable for many years. People consume it in the whole world. For culinary purposes, people consume stalks and leaves, but the seeds are sometimes consumed as a spice. This vegetable has many health benefits for people, and it also has medicinal extracts. Celery has a high concentration of minerals and vitamins, but low in calories, thus being helpful in weight loss.

How long does celery last? Just like other vegetables, this item does not have an expiry date. You will have to go with the purchase date, but you can get an exception with the tiny celery packages that are prepacked for lunch boxes. When stored in the fridge, it can last for up to two weeks. When frozen, it can last almost eight months.

Storage is the most crucial aspect of the shelf life of celery. If you do not store it well, it will last for a short period. You need to put it in a wrapped paper towel, then an aluminium foil. You will then have to put it in the fridge cabin. You can also keep it in an airtight or sealed container. These containers will help you hold it from different contaminants and moisture. You will have to keep the airtight bag or container in the vegetable container in the fridge.

If your celery is limp and you want to get to crispness, you will just have to wash it and cut it in strips. You will have to place it in a glass of water. After several hours, the stalks will go back to its fresh state. If you want to store it for long, it is crucial to freeze it so that you extend its shelf life.

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