Change is always exciting and good. Sometimes we are hesitant before we take this inevitable step but when you have the right reasons to make this change there is no better feeling in the entire world. Sometimes our electrical equipment needs some touch up and a few changes for it to function better. If you want to get the maximum out of your mobile phone device then the IMEI change is just the sort of thing you need to do.

This is especially advisable for all those of you who bought their devices from a second hand retailer. With the new IMEI you will be able to generate your second hand mobile phone will function as good as a brand new one.

The IMEI change is not only the right thing to do if you have a pre-owned mobile phone. All those users who want to get rid of the SIM lock off their phones may want to try this change as well. The moment you change your IMEI you will change the status of your mobile phone also. This change guarantees you an instant SIM unlock, which is like a wish come true for almost every person with a SIM locked device that I know. I am 100 % positive that you are no exception.

So, to start with the IMEI change procedure you need to find the IMEI code for your SIM locked device. This can be a tricky business for those of you who don’t keep the original boxes of their handsets. Almost always the IMEI written there, but if you don’t keep the boxes there is still a solution. Try calling *#60* from the mobile phone whose IMEI you want to change and you will immediately receive the wanted code. You can also search your handset’s menu and find the IMEI in the “about phone” section.

When you know which code you want to change things are even easier that you can imagine.

Now you need the software application tool that can do the change for you. This is easy because the tool you are looking for is no other than the IMEI Repair software application tool. With this tool the IMEI change will happen almost momentarily and you wouldn’t have to spend a dime for it.

Download the IMEI Repair App the moment you have the chance to do so. There is a mobile version of it, so you can now use the IMEI Repair App not only on your computers and laptops but on any smart phone device you choose.

When the downloading of the tool is complete, click on the IMEI Repair App to open it and enter the following required details:

  • your mobile phone’s IMEI code
  • The country
  • The carrier your mobile phone was bought from
  • And your email address.

Click Change and wait for about ten minutes. You can check your email immediately after the ten minutes are passed. I guarantee you that there will be an email message in your inbox sent from the IMEI Repair App that will contain confirmation of the job well done and, of course, your new IMEI code.

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