Different types of Jackets and Coats

So here in this article we will be talking about the different types of jackets and coats that you should have. Grab attention simply by wearing any of these super sexy coats.

types of leather jackets

Classic Trench

Basically this coat is originated from the British Army and now is ruling the fashion industry. It comes in every color including the girlish colors along with some dark thick colors as well. It is a double breasted coat with ten buttons that make it look even more stylish when wore with opened hair.

Pea Coat

This coat is originated from the sailors and navies who used to wear it before it hit the fashion world. Now it is quite famous in the fashion world. It is double breasted coat. The outer layer of which covers the hips.

Cuddly Coat

These coats are fluffy and furry and cuddly. They are made of fur which is very soft and gives a total look of a pop star. These are quite good for late night functions because of the normal temperature of the weather at night. It gives you a very funky yet pop look.

Bright Colored

Having a bright colored coat is one must thing. It looks so rad if you opt for a bright colored coat along with a bright colored bottom and a red lipstick. It seeks everyone’s attention. People will flatter on it and won’t look at anything else except you.

Sharp Blazer

Sharp blazer is a must wear. Every lady should have a blazer that must be totally right for your body and according to your body as it looks a total chick and extremely professional. It ultimately spruces up your personality and seeks people’s attention towards you.

Dress up coat

Whether you are wearing anything. A dress or a skirt or anything, dress up coat is a must coat that will suit with every dress. Literally. The dress does not matter because this coat suits with every type of dress.


Raincoats are something with lots of importance in our lives. Whether it be fashion festival or normal festival, rain coats save us from pouring in every situation. Raincoats do not even look bad. They perfectly suit you for an event and also save you from the rain and makes you look hot. You may wear it with long boots and all tied up hair.

Duffle Coat

Duffle coats are made up of a very hard and coarsely thick material which is woolen in fact, called a duffle. Thus the name. The most common style that you will ever find in the duffle coat is the British style, for some obvious reasons. These duffle coats are made up of genuine material of duffle lined beautifully with a pattern on woolly tartan. Moreover, it consists of a hood and a neck strap with button apple. Plus four fastenings in the front and sometimes the leather loops as well for the attachments.

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