Diamond Wedding Rings- The Best Way to Say ‘Yes I Do’

Let’s be honest, no other adornments item says “love” more effectively than a diamond engagement ring. Precious, rare and indestructible. Its terrific qualities accorded the diamond its status in the society as an emblem of enduring romance, love and commitment.


The History of Diamond Wedding rings

In 800 B.C, diamonds were discovered, but it was not until the fifteenth century when royal brides, ladies of eminence and the affluent had the privilege of wearing diamond wedding rings. Wedding rings go back in history to a number of years, however antique versions were just basic or simply engraved bronze, copper, gold or silver bands. Following the massive supply of diamonds in the 18th century when this precious stone was discovered in Brazil and subsequently South Africa, gem specialists built up their polishing and cutting skills and from that time, diamond wedding rings became very popular worldwide.

As its popularity grows, the counterfeiting also grows. There are four major things however to watch out for in order to identify genuine diamond wedding rings:

What to Consider while Choosing Diamond Wedding rings

  1. Cut is for the most part the most essential. At the point when swimming through all the diamond wedding rings accessible, make sure you consider the cut of the diamonds. The facets and cut are what gives the stone its sparkles. An ideal cut is needed for trapping light and also needed to give your ring the most delightful shimmer. On the off chance that the cut is excessively too deep or shallow, the light leaks out giving the diamond or a watery look or a dark centre.


  1. Clarity of the diamond; In the course of your shopping, take note of the fact that relatively few diamonds are genuinely flawless but for the most part, a man would require a microscope to see any blemishes outside or any inclusions within. The clarity depends on the blemishes of the diamond, including the colour, size, number, position and nature of the flaws.


  1. Colour; Diamond wedding rings are not generally made of what you can call clear It is a misguided judgment that diamonds are generally colourless. They really come in just about all colour in the spectrum however those are a little percentage of the world of diamond. The diamonds we are accustomed to range from colourless diamonds to a tint of light yellow. Properly cut colourless diamonds permit the light to go through like a crystal. This are called fire diamonds and is about finest diamond around.


  1. Carat. Usually, a stone’s carat is usually mixed up for its size. It’s not the size, it is the weight. Diamonds measuring the same carat can have different sizes. Ensure that the diamond size you purchase is within the carat weight’s dimension. Smaller diamonds of equivalent carat weight are of lesser quality.

It is in no way exaggerative to say that diamond wedding rings are inestimable symbols of eternal love between couples. Their radiance will keep on reflecting the flames of love until forever. Visit our blog http://jewelerlab.com/ to read more about the diamond wedding rings.

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