How to Determine the Proper Height for the Placement of Your Television

When you think about watching TV, you’re probably thinking about comfort – but the way you measure comfort is more likely to be related to clarity of image and resolution rather than your own personal, physical comfort in terms of body stature and bodily positioning relative to the TV. It’s a common mistake. Not that clarity of image and resolution are not important; on the contrary, they matter. However, it’s important to understand that the simple act of putting the TV in the right position relative to where you are located is crucial to your health and well-being. Ever thought about what the perfect positioning of your TV might be? Here’s how to determine the proper height for the placement of your television.


Minimising reflections

 Whilst the modern TV is much better than the old-fashioned version in avoiding reflections, it’s still important to consider its position relative to windows and other sources of light (such as bulbs). Minimising reflections will not only ensure that your TV is at its optimum clarity, it will also avoid health problems such as eye strain or headaches during watching.

Some things not to do

Do not place your TV on top of a fireplace – it’s probably one of the worst things you can ever do. Not only will the heat and the possible soot of the fireplace present a problem for the electronics in your TV, chances are the fireplace below the TV will be a distraction when you are actually enjoying your TV programme, and it might even play havoc to your eyes and mind.

Furthermore, don’t just attach the TV to the wall or the mount without testing it first; it’ll require trial and error so give yourself time to get it right.

The proper height

You’ll want the TV to be at such a height that you neither have to look up nor down when you are seated in front of the TV. A couple of inches won’t matter but ideally, your TV is a little above eye level when the person is seated. This is why a good TV display stand is always a brilliant choice.

Here’s the best way to go about it: try different heights and decide right there and then what the best positioning is. You see, there is a rule of thumb that is sure to work. The rule is: if there is any doubt, then there is no doubt. Meaning, if you are not completely sure about the location of your TV after a few minutes of watching (if you still have doubts), then the location of your television is not the right one and you should consider modifications (there is no doubt). It’s not just about pleasure, after all – it’s about health and quality of life, and it should be taken seriously.

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