Decentralized Virtual Call Center Based on Software

The selection of the appropriate call center is not an easy task. One can choose from a majority of solutions because multiple solutions with different features and prices are available. For most solutions, the purchase of new equipment and software, often by several manufacturers is necessary. The integration of various elements is usually of different things.

The downside of the integrated and combined systems is the heavy and slow introduction and the high implementation and operational costs. The more elements include in a call center make it more complicated, the more costly and more cumbersome applicable.

virtual call center

How to choose the ideal call center system? How to prevent the high cost?

The time of the costly and slow call center has expired. Thanks to the development of technology more precise and better solutions are now offered according to business needs of modern world. Use your secure Internet connection with a broadband connection and get virtual call center jobs done.

Virtual Call Center Software

The entrepreneurial and professional call center for the following activities claim satisfaction with Virtual Call Center 3.0:

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Telesales
  3. Design of customer satisfaction
  4. Images and opinion polls
  5. Operating a Customer Service
  6. Helpdesk, the operation of a hotline
  7. Support of the Virtual Call Center 3.0
  8. Professional outbound calls with predictive and power dialing to support telemarketing and telesales
  9. Professional inbound calls with IVR menu, ACD, SBR and resource management call blending to increase efficiency
  10. Simply applicable interface for supervisors and agents
  11. Flexible drag & drop script editor with JavaScript programming possibility for refinement of sophisticated scripts.
  12. Efficient call recording, storage and Download. Integration to existing applications (ERP, CRM software)
  13. Supporting telework statistics and efficiency assessment as desired

The Virtual Call Center consists of two applications: the simple to use software agents (call and receive calls) and the highly configurable supervisors software.

On the part of the agent is necessary only for a job with an internet connection with broadband access. All other elements are made available as part of the Virtual Call Center 3.0.

If you use the Virtual Call Center 3.0, you will:

  • save money because no hardware and software to buy
  • Save time, and you can make your call center within a week start
  • No investment risk, because a free trial opportunity offered wirdWie does the Virtual Call Center 3.0?

The Virtual Call Center 3.0 is a hosted (ASP, SaaS) call center solution. According to estimates, more than 1 million agents worldwide are working in such a hosted system. The hosted call center has the characteristics of traditional call center via the Internet. Thus, the investment costs are saved and allows teleworking thanks to its location independence.

A virtual call center can be helpful for associations hoping to cut expenses, enhance worker maintenance and support consumer loyalty, a few specialists sayThe Virtual Call Center 3.0 is the most efficient and latest call center technology. Under System will be presented at the Call Center World in Berlin.

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