Data Extraction from Smart Mobile Phones and Gaming Consoles


Current mobile phones are gadgets that collect and store information that can be used for criminal investigation cases. Both legal and illegal activities cannot be complete without using mobile phones as communication media hence making them good gadgets that capture valuable and perhaps all data possible. Cell phone storage capabilities that emulate the ‘black box’ have been valuable tools in criminal investigations. However, doubting the authenticity of data extracted from mobile phones during criminal investigation dismisses the value that this data could have as court evidence hence reducing its reliability for criminal investigation purposes. Best Free Games PC

Where do modern mobile phones win? These phones capture pretty much more information than people think. For example, Smartphones using Symbian OS store common information such as call list, SMS, GPRS and WiFi events in a remote location called event logs. Once this data is stored in event logs, the user or any other third party does not access the information. On the other hand, the Sony Ericsson smartphones store much more information and have little support for data extraction for consumer and other third parties.

Not only are mobile phones, gaming consoles are also having some security issues. Like Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation and other consoles which are bearing these circumstances. Through the reality we have seen many working bots which are illegally leaking coupon codes and gift cards of these vendors. Also in the field of social media we have some popular terms regarding security risk, like facebook hacking tool, whatsapp hack sniffer tool, snapchat hacking etc etc. These are not only causing guilty to the companies but also question to the online gamers and social media users. Now come to the mobile phone hazards.

Obtaining authentic information from smartphones requires the use special data extraction software called Oxygen Forensic Suite. With this Suite, information extracted from smarthphones is recognized and accepted in court as evidences.

Oxygen Forensic Suite is one of the valuable, most reliable and most used mobile phone data extraction tools in the market. Technically, it is the most compatible software with many mobile OS systems in the market today with proven capability of supporting more than 300 different Nokia phones and other smartphones based on Symbian OS. Apparently, different featured phones manufacturers including Nokia, Motorola, Lenovo, BenQ, Samsung, Siemens, Sendo, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic and Vodafone rely on Symbian OS. This therefore means that many consumers’ mobile information is stored remotely and not available for easy extraction.

Oxygen Software offer full support for its phone products and adds useful features for new phones immediately they are released to the market.

During data extraction from smartphones, Oxygen Forensic Suite software begins extracting basic information such as phone model, manufacturer, serial number, IMEI and SIM-card data. Basic data extraction is followed by detailed data including address book, contact listing in phone, images, email addresses as well as fax numbers.

The third extraction data category is log data such as call logs including caller groups, received, dialed, missed and forwarded phone calls, SMS, MMS and email messages. Other data such as service data, schedulers, calendars, event organizers and to do items, text notes, downloaded and uploaded files including photos and videos from embedded cameras, sound clips, games events and Java application are also extracted. In other words, Oxygen Forensic Suite has exclusive access to smartphone’s remote data center and extracts all information contained there.

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