How to Create a Tropical Paradise Inside Your Home

More and more people are opting for ‘green architecture’, which is basically a home that is made to look like a tropical palace. It is about creating a theme throughout your property that makes you feel as if you are living in a perpetual summer. To do that, you have to maximize both air and natural light. As an added benefit to the fact that it looks amazing, it also helps you to save on electricity. One integral part of your overall design in this is going to be your blinds.

What Are Blinds?Tropical Paradise

Blinds are a window treatment that can really help you in giving your tropical paradise home the finishes touches. They can give it a fashionable and refreshing feel. You have to know how to practically use blinds to your advantage, however, or it will simply look out of place. Below are some useful hints and tips.

Your Living Room

If you have a living room with large, glass, arch windows, then you should choose Roman blinds. Make sure, however, you pick a color and design that is right for your tropical paradise. If, for instance, you have glossy, bold furniture with gold hues, then you should choose blinds that are pretty plain in color. Otherwise, everything is going to look monochromatic.

Perhaps your living room just has lots of windows throughout the room. In this case, plantation shutters should be your choice. With these types of shutters, you will have fantastic light control, enabling the panes to let air and light come through. Plus, it gives everything a sleeker, modern look.

If you have really tall windows, you may want to consider two sets of roller blinds, one on the top part and one on the bottom part. This will also enable you to decide which one to open and when, giving you more light control. Make sure that you choose a color that is a different shade from the wood elements in your home.

Your Bedroom

Creating a tropical bedroom is all about having the right furniture pieces. Dark hues go well with light Venetian blinds and a bed cover that matches. This will ensure that your blinds still stand out, instead of disappearing behind all the dark furniture pieces.

If you have a pastel bedroom, then you may want to consider brown roller blinds. This gives it a more tropical look. Of course, here is where bamboo or other wood blinds come in really handy.

Your Kitchen

If you have granite on your counter tops and white cupboards and kitchen cabinets, plantation blinds will work very well, but Venetians and rollers also go. Choose gray or white shades, as this will give you a cool, clean ambience. Don’t get wood blinds, however, as the moisture levels in a kitchen are too high, meaning the wood will warp. Consider wood blinds are the most expensive, this would be a tremendous waste. You can choose faux-wood, however, giving you the same look and feel.

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