Could You Use A Forgiveness Coach?

A what?? If you’re like me, you read “Forgiveness coach” for the first time and wondered why it even exists. Well, it turns out some people have troubles letting go and moving on with their lives, whether that means they’re struggling to forgive a friend, loved one, family member or whomever else. And these troubles may stem from a fear, keeping them in their current conditions and surroundings, thus being held back from happiness.

Need a little help in the forgiving department? Right this way!

Forgiveness has a power on the body. Being able to forgive others can relieve you of your own physical pain, improve your heart, and make you happier. What good ever came from holding onto grudges or resenting anyone?

You can take a moment with a pen and paper and write a couple lists. Think about what it is you need to let go of to move on. What positive things may come out of moving on from it? What negative things? How much better off are you in the long run? Be honest, this is you deciding for you, after all.

Imagine your ideal future. Picture yourself accomplishing your realistic goal in life. There has been some psychological theory practiced that suggests visualizing your ideal life and goals can help open the right doorways to get you on the right path to achieve that future.

Finally, be able to know when you should apologize or express gratitude. Thank those who have shown you support for as long as you remember or needed. Apologize to those you felt you burdened or hurt. Forgiveness can be a two way street. (Fellow Canadians, we apologize a bit too much, eh?)

Some of us do happen to have difficulty forgiving others. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, all with different thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and all capable of being hurt in many similar and different ways. The odds are you will clash with someone strongly. And when it’s someone you feel you really needed in your life, it could be harder to let go.

If you need a forgiveness coach, please reach out.

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